Friday, December 17, 2010

Choppy, Choppy!

Sick and tired of my son's ultra fluffy, skater-boi shaggy, baby hair.... i took him to get his first hair cut yesterday morning.
Witness Flynn's hair before the hair cut - cute, yes, but see all those fluffy, sticky-uppy bits? He had those on the top of his head, on the back where he was growing himself a nice little mullet and occasionally it would stick out from behind his ears. It had to go!
Getting the first few snips off - he had to sit on my lap because our hairdresser doesnt have a child seat.He was a little wriggly and kept looking up at Sally ( our hairdresser ) as if to say " Who are you and what are you doing to my head? ". Oh, and you cant really see it but he has a cool dinosaur on his cape.
Cracking it right towards the end. I think the crying was less about having his haircut and more about the fact he was well and truly ready to get off my lap and crawl around. Typical boy - he doesnt like sitting still for too long!
The end product. Because sister is a) a bad photographer and b) a bit dopey, she neglected to take any photos of his beautiful face, so you'll have to make do with a view from the back. Suffice to say, my beautiful baby is now looking more like a gorgeous little boy. He was pleased to see the fluffiness go, but was a little sad to see Flynny transformed from baby to boy in the space of 15 minutes. And only 10 days til his 1st baby is gone forever!


  1. My oh my look at how big he is now!! Cute photos I love the one of him cracking it :) Though he must of sat okay as the haircut looks great!

  2. Awwwwwwwwww. There is nothing that transforms them quite like that first hair cut, is there? Bless him. Happy first hair cut, Flynn :)

  3. The back of his head is darling!
    PS. No matter how old they are, they will always be a baby to us Moms

  4. He did great for a first haircut it sounds like and he the bag of his head looks fabulous. I took Ethan to a haircut place for children for his first haircut. He refused to sit and walked around a train table. The barber had to follow him around the table and cut his hair. She got a big tip.

  5. Happy first hair cut. The back of his head looks uber cute now :)

    My little guy has the same crazy hair happening that Flynn had. Long on top, mullet thingo at the back and a nice bald spot too.

  6. Im hanging onto to my Flynn's mullet for as long as I can - although he badly needs a cut, but he really is my baby - there may not (highly likely) be another one, Im not ready for him to change into a toddler yet. Im clinging on. He looks gorgeous (from the back!!)

  7. Oh, look at that little face! I remember my son's first haircut. He had a similar very serious expression. Happy almost 1st birthday Flynn!