Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A ( Baby ) Weight-y Issue

I think one thing all new mums struggle with is " Oh.My.God - how am i going to lose all this bloody baby weight?! ". I know, with Flynn, i was really laidback about it, i wasnt overly fussed about dropping all those excess kilos ( truth be told i didnt put on much weight really )... until i saw photos of myself when he was almost 1 year old.  I know they say that breastfeeding is supposed to make you shed all that baby weight you put on but its not entirely true - Flynn breastfeed sooooo much that i was hungry all the time, and i had actually put on more weight after his birth than i did when pregnant with him!

So this time around, i was careful with what i ate. I wasnt on a diet or anything, but i tried to moderate what i ate, instead of eating whole loaves of garlic bread for dinner. ( Yes. That really happened. My craving for garlic bread when pregnant with Flynn was so strong i would eat whole loaves for dinner. Or lunch. I must have been the worlds smelliest pregnant lady ). Anyhoo, so i tried to watch what i ate whilst pregnant and i'm trying to do the same now that Miss Tully has arrived and is breastfeeding like a champ. I am muchly proud to say that i have lost all the weight i had put on with her, and then some - however, though the numbers may be back to what they were, the body shape is not!

However, i digress - my point is, like anything to do with conceiving/being pregnant/new motherhood, its nice to have a bit of help. A few pointers on where to start. Which is what i discovered over at Karimums. I found a great little community, created by the same foundation who run Karitane clinics, which offers pregnancy and parenting advice for everybody - breastfeeding mums, formula feeding mums, mums of babies or toddlers, mums who had natural vaginal births and those who had caesars. Hell, i'm pretty sure, even though its called Kari-mums, they give advice to Kari-dads too! And what i found when exploring this great little online resource was a little infographic on pre-pregnancy nutrition. And who doesnt love an infographic, right?

[Source: Karimums. Real mums. Real expertise. Real support.]

Sure, its aimed at women trying to conceive but i think the principles are pretty sound for every woman, no matter what stage of the parenting game she's up to. I know that i've tried to take heed of its advice since i've read it and it seems to be working. Its keeping my body healthy and the community feel of the Karimum forums may just be keeping me sane and mentally healthy too!
( * Disclaimer - this post was prompted by an email from a media company. I have visited the aformentioned site/trialled aforementioned products. Any views/opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own )
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  1. I know the feeling, I've been eating like a super model but my body doesn't seem to want to shed the last couple of kegs, I am one of these very sad people who doesn't lose weight til I stop feeding.

  2. I think he only thing on that infographic I didn't get from a supplement was the Omega 3...all I had for lunch every day at work was 100g of tinned salmon on a sandwich! I have struggled with losing the baby weight since Mia was born. I lost heaps when she was born and the last 7 were coming off slowly but steadily but then I dropped back on breastfeeding as she started eacting more solid food and the weight loss stopped. I have been trying to get rid of these last 3 kgs for the past 6 weeks and it's just not happening. Doesn't help that Dave has been arvo shift, which severely compromises my chances to do exercise but if I'm really honest, I've just been lazy and given in to my tiredness too often to do any exercise. I am determined to lose the last three kgs before she is 1 though so I don't have much time and really need to be super-disciplined. Wish me luck!

    So glad to hear you've been going well with Tully and she is feeding well. Takes one of the worries of having a newborn in the house away when you don't have to worry if they are eating enough.