Monday, June 21, 2010

Uh, How Do I Put This?

The first day of Project Sleepy-time ? Big. Fat. Fail.

I thought we were going to be ok, at first. He showed tired signs at around 8:20 am. I wrapped him up, gave me a quick snuggle and put him into his bed, as described in my last post. It took 45 minutes of crying ( and 2 minutes of me stroking his cheek, which i dont think was allowed ) to get him to sleep. 45 minutes i spent lying bag in a bean bag, with my eyes shut, pretending to be asleep. Not too bad for our first effort. I could put up with that.

Flynn woke after an hour and he was all smiley and cheery and generally adorable. I was going to try putting him to bed again around noon but my sister-in-law asked if i could look after my 18 month old neice while she went to the dentist ( yep, no problem ). Consequently, we didnt try to another nap until 1pm. This was when the fail came in. Long story short - my previously adorable son lie in his bed, wrapped up and tucked in, crying and screaming for two hours. This was only because, after an hour and half, i couldnt take anymore of being in the same room and i cracked, curled up on the floor in the fetal position and bawled my eyes out, before my mum rang and out of the blue and i begged her to come and help me.

Yes, you read that i right - i full on cracked. Crumbled. Came unstuck. But my mum took Flynn outside, and my dad helped me off the floor, and we had a chat and worked out a way to help me ( my dad, who walks every afternoon, is going to come and take Flynn with him so i can have an hour to myself to clean, or cook, or read, or nap... or whatever )..... and i am ok. And i will be ok tomorrow.

Maybe we are not ready for the Parental Presence method. Maybe it will be better tomorrow. Maybe it wont work at all and i'll just have to try something else. But i'm gonna keep trying cos that the kind of mumma i am - vunerable and perhaps slightly mental, but willing to do whatever i can for my bubba....


  1. It's only the first day. Maybe it will get better! The only one of my kids who slept/sleeps well is Claire. I put her down and she's out. Grayson....Well, we do his routine and he must sense bedtime is coming because he gets upset before I even nurse him. We're in the same boat for getting our babies to bed. I feel your pain!

  2. Oh Amy, I'm sorry it was so tough. I really hope it gets better. It sounds like a good plan with your Dad, we all need a bit of time out :)

  3. yay for dads! you are lucky to have the support close by. Good on you for accepting it too. I would love to tell you it gets better but unfortunately I can't as I am having my own set of issues with my 10 month old and his sleeping.

  4. bless our heart! that is rough. don't be down on yourself for cracking. there is only so much crying a person can handle. whoever spread the myth that crying isn't so irritating if it's your own kid is a big, fat liar. Thank goodness for your parents! You need that time to yourself.

  5. Hi Amy, I hope that things have improved since this post, or that you're not losing your sanity too much. Hang in there, this too shall pass.

  6. I too hope things have improved..I have a baby a month younger then your little bubba and we have been going through the same struggles with sleep! Its kinda nice to know you are not the only one going through these battles! xx