Monday, March 28, 2011

Treat Them As Queens

Let me ask you something – since when do 8 yr old children have wrinkles? I’m only asking because it seems that there are ( thankfully ) a small group of parents out there who think its completely acceptable to be giving their 8 yr old daughters Botox. And full body waxes. At 8 yrs old. Frankly, to these parents I say – You.Make.Me.Sick.

The most famous child beauty of them all....

Any of you who read Mamamia or New Idea magazine ( and to a lesser extent, last nights A Current Affair ) would have seen these stories already. And though I know these outlets aren’t exactly poster-boys for “serious” journalism, I don’t doubt the truth in these recent articles. I have to say – they concern me. The thought that someone, somewhere thinks its ok to give their 8 yr old daughter regular Botox treatments to treat and prevent wrinkles ( that cannot possible be there at that age ) and semi-regular full body waxes ( even though she hasn’t puberty yet, which means a distinct lack of short and curlies… ) really has me worried for the state of the world. How do these ideas even enter the head of any sane person? You can rabbit on about the role the media places in promoting one particular idea of beauty, or the ideal body shape, or whatever…. But I think, in the end, level-headed parents should be able to go someway to dispelling these media-controlled body myths. Sure, it doesn’t matter how many times you tell your daughters (especially ) that they are beautiful just the way they are, they’ll probably still want longer legs, or straighter hair or smaller noses.

But that doesn’t mean you should cave in to every crazy demand they come up with. Just because an 8 yr old sees models in magazines shaving their legs, doesn’t mean she needs to. Just because a 12 yr old thinks her nose is too big or her boobs are too small doesnt mean you go out and get them plastic surgery. As the parents, you set boundaries and give the encouragment needed to boost your childs self esteem. You DON'T plant the seeds of low self esteem by telling your daughters that only beautiful, hairless, wrinkle-free, big chested woman become superstars. You DONT (quite literally ) groom your daughter for fame by using her as a hairless human pin cushion.

 I'm going to be quite frank - if your doing these things, you are NOT a good parent....


  1. I was distressed watching the little girl - I think she was 5 who was screaming in pain at having her eyebrows waxed. Just ridiculous. Whatever happened to kids being kids.

  2. This kind of thing makes me feel sick and I have to wonder at the mindset of the parents who think this is an okay thing to do! I haven't seen the stories but is this linked to parents who enter their daughters in beauty pageants? Anything that portrays children as mini adults or encourages them to emulate adult behaviour makes me uncomfortable. Also, like you say, it is a parents role to encourage and nurture self esteem - this just destroys it.

  3. I was gobsmakced when I read that and I have to agree, it's just soooo wrong! For an 8 year old to be checking for wrinkles before she goes to bed at night? That poor poor girl, I just feel so sorry for her.

  4. That's abuse what they were doing to those kids :( those terror screams at the eyebrows? :(

  5. It's absolute abuse. Not only physical but also emotional. How will these girls' self esteems be when they are older?

    It's disgusting and I think child services should be looking into it.

  6. Even for adults I think a full body wax is pretty weird when you think about it. No hair. No signs of puberty. It's a bit wrong if you think about how many men love it. I used to be a beauty therapist so I've waxed soooo many bikini lines in my time that I'm quite against it now.