Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Everyone Loves A Makeover!

Alright - so here's the thing : i'm beginning to believe my blog has become boring. Not just the theme and colour scheme ( blue? blah! ), but the writing too. I was reading some of my old posts, my back catalogue if you will and i realised something:

I've lost my funny.

Not that i'm saying i was ever, like, Tina Fey funny. Or Nick Hornby funny. Hell, i wasnt even WildARSChase funny. But i like to think i had a certain wit, a certain quirk, a certain way of looking at the world that was sometimes amusing. And its gone. And that, my friends, sucks arse. Big time.

And so, i'm gonna try changing things up. Why not? My " real " world is changing at a rapid pace and what is my blog if not a reflection of my reality ? I've looked at the blogs i love - and the blogs i'd love to be - and i've taken some of the things i really love about them on board. Or at least i'm going to try to.... who knows, this makeover could fail big time. It could be a make-under as it were - i could go from Charlize Theron in " Cider House Rules " to Charlize Theron in " Monster ". Frankly, thats not a prospect most of us would be looking forward to ( you know, unless you were totally into the idea of making out with Christina Ricci and, umm, killing unsuspecting men. )

Look out tomorrow for the maiden post of what i would like to make a regular " feature " and stay tuned to see if i can work out how to give myself some kind of cool colour scheme ( doubtful, but i'll give it a shot )!


  1. um.... thanks? I think that was a compliment, so I'll run with it.

    A fresh start can be revitalizing, so I'm looking forward to seeing your new feature and new style.

  2. Of course it was a compliment Andy - you're the author of my current favourit-est blog!

  3. Ooooh!!! I'm excited to see what's in store!

    Oh, and I totally know what you mean, I look back on things I wrote in the past and wonder why I'm not that funny/inspired now.

    Have you tried cutest blog on the block for a new background? That's what i did when i wanted a change...

  4. That's what babies do....they suck the funny right out of you. And yes, I would totally make out with Ms. Ricci... I'm just sayin.