Thursday, October 29, 2009

Insomniatic Musings Child Of The Month

Now - let me just point out that i've been so lax with running features that i cant even remember which friday of each month i said i would do Child of the Month. So, forgive if i'm a little out of wack here ......

NAME: Emily Bear

AGE: 8 years old and counting

CUTENESS FACTOR: Off the scale!
REASON FOR FEATURING: I’m featuring Emily Bear for two reasons: firstly because she’s talented, and secondly ? Because she’s just so cute! Seriously – have you seen her on the “ The Ellen Degeneres Show “ ? She’s just pure cuteness on a stick! Altogether now….awwww. For those who haven’t seen her on TV, Emily is a young piano prodigy who also happens to be adorable. I’ve seen her twice on “ The Ellen Degeneres Show “ and although I’m no music virtuoso myself, I have to admit she’s pretty impressive for her tender age. I mean, she composed a song for Ellen and Portia for their wedding, which made Ellen cry. How sweet is that?
Amongst her other achievements: she played at the White House when she was 6 years old; she's the youngest musician ever to have featured at the Ravinia Festival in Chicago ( ok, this one doesnt mean anything to me but apparently its noteworthy ) and she's released 4 albums so far. 4 albums at 8 years of age..... holy guacamole.
I suppose the cynics amongst you might argue that she’s probably being pushed by bossy stage parents, or that any pieces that have been written by Emily must have been, at least in part, written by an adult. Shame on you! Sure, maybe her parents did push her to start piano lessons at a very, very young age ( NOTE: I’m not saying they did. If your Emily Baer’s parents, please don’t sue me ) – but most children that age wont keep something up unless they really enjoy it. They also wont be good at something unless they have a natural ability and a passion for it. So, as far as I’m concerned Emily Bear is a cute, talented little moppet whether its her choosing or not.
So congratulations to Emily Bear on being Insomniatic Musings Child of the Month – see what kind of acclaim talent and a cute set of dimples will get you ?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Realisations and Ponderisations 28.10.09

* I love my blog – and my bloggy friends. Why else would I have gone semi-postal only a few days ago ?

*People love a pregnant lady. I personally have always loved pregnant ladies, with their big round tummies and the way they have to waddle everywhere. ( Yes, that’s right, I’m admitting it. I WADDLE. ) Now that I’m well and truly showing I have people that come into our practice asking when I’m due, or do I know what I’m having…. As of yet I haven’t had random people wanting to touch the bump though. Thank god, because if it gets to that stage that may be a little too intimate to be sharing with strangers. I am, however, happy to share my bump with J – she’s yet to actually catch a kick or a movement, but she’s trying really hard.

*Lawns are great. I’d say grass in general, but I’m not overly fussed on wild grasses or the overgrown jungles you find in some peoples backyards. I’m talking about lawns – nice, fresh, manicured, green lawns. It’s a real treat to be able to kick my shoes off in spring and summer and walk around barefoot ( in my yard of course, not like, say, at the mall. Umm….eww. ) The feel of lush grass underfoot is just the essence of Australian summer for me. Plus, a well kept lawn just makes your whole house look better. I’m about the presentation to, you know….

*Whilst on the subject of lawns – DON’T PARK ON MY GRASS. Seriously people – Mr Gil and I do not spend precious time watering and feeding the lawn to have you park your big, ugly, dirty car on it. The lawn is for walking and admiring – the street is for parking. Also please note: parking on my lawn is extra rude when your aren’t even a guest of mine. If your hanging out with one of neighbours, park on their damn grass.

*“ Big Bang Theory “ is a great show. I didn’t quite get into at the start but now I’m loving it. I think its because, underneath, I’m actually a nerd ( Mr Gil claims my adeptness at Wii Boggle to be evidence of this claim ) – I’m not quite on the scale of Sheldon, but I can appreciate the whole nerd aspect of the show. Plus, I totally have a crush on Leonard. Leonard is a total cutie with his big glasses and his shyness and his sarcasm – and Penny can totally see it. Penny and Leonard are going to be my new Ross and Rachel….

*I actually enjoy cleaning my bathroom. This is both strangely odd and kind of scary. Who the hell enjoys cleaning anything, let alone their bathroom?

*I miss sushi. And soft serve icecream. And camembert cheese. All things I’m supposed to avoid whilst pregnant. Poo to that.

*I haven’t been to the movies for a while. By a while, I mean for maybe 2 months, 10 weeks at the most. That’s quite a length of time for me. And whats even weirder is that their have been movies released that I would have liked to have seen, I just never got around to getting down to the cinema. This makes me kind of sad. It also makes me realize I had better check out a few more new release movies before I have a crying baby to disturb everyone else with. Thank god for the “ crying room “ at my local cinema complex….

Monday, October 26, 2009

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

So – by looking at the amount of posts I’ve made this month, you would assume that October has been a relatively quite month for me. This isn’t quite true – I’ve been for a weekend away, I’ve had numerous doctors appointments, I’ve been busy at work and I’m brand-spanking-newly engaged, so I’m not quite sure why the lack of posts. I’d like to blame it on motivation, although that sounds really petty. What I mean is I put in a bit of effort while I was sick off work to spruce up my blog, I tried to come up with more interesting posts and even so it seems like my readers have just up and disappeared. Comments have almost well and truly dried up, and I cant seem to attract anybody new to come and visit this page.

Whats up with that people ? Have I become boring in my old age? Have I been posting too much “ baby “ stuff, and driven all you happily childless readers away? Am I not funny/interesting/mentally challenged enough anymore ? You gotta tell me! Its like being deserted by your friends….. you still wanna hang out on their blogs, but they just don’t come around like the used to.

Maybe its not me – maybe its you ( yes, you. ). Have you guys just become too busy to read blogs anymore? Have your lives just taken right off, to the point where you cant be bothered putting finger to key anymore? Have your daily adventures become so exciting that you manage to write your own blog but the next adventure rolls along before you can catch up on other peoples stuff?

God – I know this sounds like such a rant, but its not. I don’t want to come off as some kind of whinger; I don’t want to sound jealous of other peoples reader numbers or comments; and I most certainly don’t want to sound like I think my writing is that good that nobody should be missing out….. I just miss my readers! At this rate, I’m thinking I keep blogging until the baby arrives, just to document the last few weeks of my first pregnancy and then I up and quit.

I’ve always kind of maintained that I write a blog for me, just like I’d keep a journal, it didn’t matter if anyone read it or not. But after 3 or 4 years of blogging, I’ve become accustomed to a bit of reciprocal blog love – I’ve thrived on it – and now that its seems like the bloggy love is no more, its just not the same….

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Weekend By The Numbers

8:30 - time i went to bed on Friday night. Yep, a Friday night and i'm in bed before most 10 year olds. However, i am pregnant and Friday night i just could not get comfortable AT ALL. There was no remedy for it except to gu lie down and shut it all out.

1 - diamond ring that was presented to me with my breakfast in bed on Saturday morning.

1 - proposal by Mr Gil.

5 - approximate number of times i smiled " Yes!!! " in reply. Yep - consider me engaged...

6 - number of people my mum invited around to my house for an impropmtu afternoon tea on Saturday afternoon. Without checking with me first, but seeing as my mum supplied the banana cake we ate, i didnt mind. My mum just couldnt wait more than a few hours for me to announce my engagement to my immediate family.

$70ish - the approximate cost of the lovely romantic dinner Mr Gil took me out for on Saturday night. We tried a new Thai resturant in town - mussaman curry = mmmmm....

62 - my new top score on Wii Boggle. Mr Gil thinks that i'm a nerd because i'm good at Boggle ( ok, probably true ) but i think he may be secretly reading the dictionary so he can beat me one day.

7 - hrs spent at antenatal class on Sunday. The midwife that ran the class was quite casual and funny, so everything seems a bit less scary now. If literally billions of other women can have babies, so can i!

$600 - approximate amount of money we've spent on the bubba so far. Thats not including clothes and blankets and knick knacks, only big ticket items. We've got a car seat on layby and then we only have to get a cot, and it will be time to set up the nursery.....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Look Into MY Crystal Ball

Another year, another Pyschic Expo - which meant another personal reading for your truely. I know we've discussed before how much i'm into the hippy-dippy mumbo-jumbo stuff, and i'm sure at some point i've mentioned other readings. Dont get me wrong - i dont put complete faith into everything that a pyschic/medium tells me, i just find it fascinating to have a potential insight into my future.

As i mentioned on SonnyVsDan's blog a few weeks back, i had a reading in 2007 that contained some very specific information that has turned out to be pretty close to having come true. I was told, at the age of 24 and being single at the time, that i would: be married, have bought a house and being having a baby - before i turned 26. Specific ? Yes. Unlikely that all that would happen in around a year and a half? Yes. But get this - i've bought a house and have a baby due 11 days before my 26th birthday. And, if you listen to the chatter from the people who know me best, it seems like they all feel i will be at least engaged by that time too. Two outta three aint bad, right ?

So, with the Pyschic Expo back in town, i thought i would go for another reading. Turns out the same woman i had my last reading with was back, so i thought this would be a great opportunity to see if she could strike it lucky twice. Here is a little of what the tarot cards said:

*The major theme for the next 6 to 9 months of my life is transformation - the pregnant belly might have been a give away you say ? yes, but i was asked to pull just one card from a deck of 52, and thats what I pulled.
* My partner is from a different background from me and the initial stages of our relationship involved travel - you mean, like the kilometres clocked up between the town i lived in, and his town about 45 minutes drive away ?
* That at some point in the next 6 to 9 months, i will have to make a choice between two ways to travel. Not physical travel, but more like two different paths my life can take. I'll be stressing, but i shouldnt worry: there is no wrong decision, and everything will work out no matter which road i take - could this be whether or not to return to work after maternity leave ?
And the big one:
* This baby is coming early.... in around 9 to 10 weeks ( or 3 or 4 weeks early ) in fact.She also says she feels it will be around Xmas ( great ). In wont be because of complications or an emergency, simply because its just my bubbas time - ok, so this one is very specific, so i guess time will tell. Consider the countdown on!

So there you have - a potential insight into my very near future. Please check back in the next 6 to 9 months to see how much of it actually comes to fruition....

Friday, October 2, 2009

Its Babymoon Time!

Thats right, its babymoon time! I dont think any of you read the original babymoon post, so here's the link. Basically its me and Mr Gil going away for the weekend before the baby arrives and this weekend is the weekend. As of 8am tomorrow morning we are headed for Shelly Beach.... and three days of rain. Yes, we're going to the coast, to the beach and the sand and the waves, only to have it rain.

I'm kind of disappointed but i'm going to make the most of it. The beach in light spring rain could still be fun, and sexy, right ? Plus we can do a bit of shopping and some other little touristy things - and every knows that going away for a long weekend is always better than staying home and doing the same old thing again.

Ooh - and this Sunday night sees the grand final for the National Rugby League season. This is the Super Bowl of my favourite sport, and Mr Gil's team happens to be playing so it could potentially be a big exciting evening. We're going to go for an early seafood dinner and then watch the game in a sports lounge, so there's another experience we wouldnt be having if we weren't going away ( if we'd stay'd home, we'd be watching the game from our loungeroom ).

So bon voyage readers - an update and some pictures upon my return!