About Me.Myself.Moi.

Hello there and welcome to New Adventures In Dreamworld! My name is Amy and I’ll be your host for this blog reading experience. Adventure. Passing of time. Whatever floats your boat…

I’m a young woman in her late 20’s who is living in the bright lights of Dubbo, NSW, Australia with her gorgeous husband and two beautiful, charming, funny baby-kidlets. I started this blog way back in 2007 as a lonely, depressed singleton - it has since undergone a name change and a few facelifts to reflect the changes in me as a wife, mother and a thoroughly modern woman.
Yes, this is a “mummy “ blog. Actually, its more if a " mummy tries a bit of everything " blog. But its also a girly fashion blog, a budding chef and foodie blog, a book review blog and an opiniated loudmouth blog from time to time. Sit, stay a while, and have yourself a little adventure!

You can contact me at: amywells@live.com.au
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