Monday, June 28, 2010

50 Films I've Seen. And Loved. And Would Totally Watch Again.

Yep - i think the title says it all. Todays posts is a very special Blog This! challenge - the brief this week reads:
50 Things...Take your pick, this one is open. 50 things I want you to know about me; 50 things I would do if I won lotto; 50 things I want to cook; 50 things I have photographed; 50 things I want for my birthday; 50 things I would like to tell my ex....
It's up to you, whatever you want to tell your readers.
So, in case the blog title wasnt quite literal enough for you, my " 50 things " is a list of 50 films i've seen and really loved and would watch again. Some of them are childhood favourites which i've already watched over and over; some are films i've watched and kind of liked, so i've bought them on dvd so i can re-watch them on rainy weekend afternoons; and some i've only seen once but would watch again given the chance. Here goes ( in no particular order ):

1. " The Never-ending Story " - loved Atreyu, i cry when Artex dies in the Swamps of Sadness and, as a child, i was totally scared of The Nothing. An 80's childhood classic.
2. "Annie " - Tomorrow! Tomorrow! yep, as a girl i sooooo wanted to be a redheaded, singing, dancing orphan...
3. " The Princess Bride " - Inigo Montoya rocks, and Buttercup and Wesley would probably make my Top 5 film couples list ( if i had one ). Ah, true love.
4. " Empire Records " - one of Liv Tyler and Rene Zellwegers early screen outings. Its set in a record store - coolest place to work EVER.
5. " Young Guns " - even though i was only around, maybe, 10 years at the time, i loved me a piece of Lou Diamond Phillips. Pity age caught up with him...
6. " Forrest Gump " - even though critics out there alwasy deride this as " schmaltzy ", i love it. It has all the best quotes, the coolest soundtrack and one of the most loveable characters of all time.
7. " The Little Mermaid " - one of my favourite childhood animations. Even now i still sing snatches of the songs to Flynn - and if i had a pet crab, i'd name it Sebastian.
8.  " Chocolat " - Johnny Depp. Juliet Binoche. France. Chocolate. And its based on one of my favourite books. Wait, did i say Johnny Depp?
9. " School of Rock " - its funny and sweet and crazy. Plus it stars an awesome rock'n'roll soundtrack and Jack Blacks awesome eyebrows. I aspire to those eyebrows and their crazy tricks, i really do.
10. " Dogma " - Kevin Smiths best. And Alanis Morrisette as a rockin' female God? If i were a believer, thats what i'd want...
11. " Almost Famous " - i went through a period of imagining myself as a young Rollingstone journalist. This movie was like my ultimate fantasy. It would be worth it for the whole " Tiny Dancer " sequence alone.
12. " Gladiator " - i saw this twice in cinemas, own it on video ( oh yea, on VIDEO ) and have watched it numerous times. The soundtrack is also rather stirring, especially the music played over Rusty's *SPOILER * dying scenes.
13. " The Crow " -  i do not have the time nor space to fully describe why i love this one. Its my all-time favourite movie and so far i've only discovered two other girls that have ever seen it ( shout out to you, Brea ).
14. " Pleasantville "- its the costuming and the gorgeous " black and white to colour " cinematography that gets me with this one. Also - Paul Walker is pretty.
15. " Dazed and Confused " - Slaters whole marijuana-fueled spiel on George Washington makes me laugh. So does Mathew McConaugheys moustache. Just keep l-i-v-i-n!
16. " Pans Labrynith " - quirky, and foreign, and spectacularly beautiful, both in imagery and in theme. Guillermo Del Toro is a genius.
17. " The Muppets Movie " -  The Muppets ? In a movie ? Who wouldnt love that?
18. " Transformers " - ok, yea the critics say it sucks. And yea, the plot ( or what there is of one ) has some might big holes. But its stuff blowing up, and Transformer robots, and awesome CGI - thats stuff is cool!
19. " Amelie " -  i've already written a whole post on this one. I heart this film. That is all.
20. " Reign Over Me " -  if you havent seen this one, go out and find it. I rate this as Adam Sandlers finest dramatic performance. Its totally heartbreaking though, so grab yourself some tissues.
21. " American Pie " - the quintessential high school comedy of my generation. Its kind of rude, yet has its tender moments. Sort of. Either way, that pie scene was hilarious!
22. " The Breakfast Club " -  and onto a quintessential high school film of the generation before me. It may have come out the year i was born but it just got to me. Judd Nelson was way cool - you know, for a bully.
23. " A Streetcar Named Desire " - A classic for many reasons. One of which is the scene where Marlon Brando is coming home from work in his white t-shirt. That man, in that scene ? Sex on legs my friends, sex on legs.
24. " 13 Going On 30 " - its all bubble-gummy and cutesy. But as far as chick flicks go, i love this. The sweet Jennifer Garner, the divine Mark Ruffalo and the " Thriller " dance. Sweet as.
25. " Shaun of the Dead " - i'm not big on horror films but horror film spoofs? Especially one as clever as this? Count me in! Which reminds me - i need to get myself a cricket bat in case of zombie attack...
26. " Moulin Rouge "  - i love me some Baz Luhrrman. And this movie is so pretty and sparkly and woo! Plus, i wana live in that elephant. You know, just without the whole being a prostitute.
27. " Benny and Joon " - sweet, and funny and romantic. Benny and Sam are so odd, but they're odd together, and thats all they need. Ooh, and did i mention Sam is played by Johnny Depp?
28. " Breakfast at Tiffany's " - Audrey Hepburn at her most glamorous. Love the dress, love the city, love the characters. Ooh, and love Tiffanys!
29. " Reservoir Dogs " - oh Quentin Tarantino, you loveable kook, you. Everyone has a colour-coded name, people get their ears cut off, and the soundtrack is groovy. Classic Tarantino...
30. " Cyrano De Bergerac " -  you know what? Gerard Depardieu in English ? Lame. Gerard Depardieu in French ( playing a classic French hero ) ? Funny. And at turns oddly grumpy and sweet. Also sweet? Vincent Perez. Yum....
31. " V for Vendetta " - awesome graphic novel adaption. Its politically motivated, sure, but stuff blows up and here are great fight sequences and Natalie Portman looks rather fetching with a bald head.
32. " Beauty and the Beast " -  another one of my Disney favourites. I want to sit down and watch this one with my neice - introduce her the beautiful songs and " beauty is on the inside " message.
33. " Love Actually " - i think this is my favourite chick flick. It's funny and smart and has such a wonderful cast. This is one of those films that, whenever its on tv, i'll watch it.
34. " Edward Scissorhands " - the most beautiful of Tim Burton's fractured fairytales. I watch this at least once a year and still come to the brink of tears at the end. Oh, and did i mention Johnny Depp ( even in all that makeup ) ?
35. " Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King " - of course i've seen them all, but this one is the most action-packed, and it asnwers all the questions ( except, whether Sam and Frodo ever got it on ). Also, Aragorn is at his most rugged in this one. Scrumptious.
36. " Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest " - and while we're on films that are part of a trilogy, here's my choice from the POTC series. Johnny and Orlanda at there most gorgeous, that crazy tentacle beard and that snotty Lord Cutler Beckett. Oh, and did i mention Johnny Depp?
37. " Saved! " -  a very clever little film. Proves that Maculay Culkin is funny ( when he isnt all strung out ), Mandy Moore can do more than sing, and that Jesus is the Devil. See what i did there? Trippy.....
38. " Say Anything " - John Cusack has aged so well. Go back to this 80's effort and he's freckly and kind of geeky but still totally cool. And sweet. Doesnt every girl want a boy to serenade her with a boombox outside her window?
39. " Mean Girls " - another clever chick flick ( thankyou Tina Fey ). It is also a reminder of what Lilo used to be .... you know, normal and talented.
40. " Hairspray " - this musical is all frizzy, and fabulous and it makes me happy. I think if i'd been around 13 years old when it came out i may have been in love with Zac Efron.
41. " The Lion King " - doesnt everyone love this film ? And doesnt everyone hate Scar? Yes, and yes. This is one i want to show to Flynn when he's older.
42. " Pride and Prejudice " - the Keira Knightley version. This is one of my favourite books of all time, and i just love this adaptation of it. I know i've said it before, but i totally want to be Elizabeth Bennett...
43. " The Dark Knight " - soooooo worth it for Heath Ledgers performance alone. Plus, Batman is my favourite superhero. Which reminds me, i really need to get my copy of this back from my brother...
44.  " Don Juan Demarco " -  a film that speaks to the romantic in us all. Sure, Marlon Brando is old and fat but he still rocks - and i have mentioned the ever delectable Johnny Depp?
45. " Somethings Gotta Give " - Jack Nicholson at his twinkly, lady-loving best. At least in this one he's loving a lady of appropriate age - the beautiful, funny Diane Keaton.
46. " The Truman Show " - i initially liked this because it was Jim Carrey without the rubbery goofiness. On second and third watches i loved it for what it said about society at the time ( the days BEFORE " Big Brother " ). Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!
47. " Roman Holiday " - if " Breakfast at Tiffanys " is Audrey at her most glamourous, this is Audrey at her cutest. I love the whole look and feel of this film, and it makes me want to run away on a Roman adventure.
48. " Romeo and Juliet " - Baz and his brilliance again. This is manic and modern and hip and made Shakespear trendy. And that fish tank scene ? Awww....
49. " Rent " -  so many people hate this movie or, at the very least, think its a bad adaptation of the stage musical. Not me, i love it. This is the movie i watch when i need a pick me, despite the dying and disease and stuff. Its the music and the friendship and the love. It makes me happy.
50. " The Usual Suspects " - Keyser Soze? Spin out!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dear Flynn, Aged 6 Months

Happy half-birthday my beautiful bubba! It so strange to think that this time 6 months ago i was only a few hours done with labouring you, and was no doubt was blissfully watching you sleep.

You're not so good at going to sleep anymore ( i will fill you in on the trials and tribulations of Project Sleepy-time one day when you're older ) but i still love to watch you when you're finally pushing out the zzz's. Your snoring has gotten itself under control - you dont sound so much like an old man - and your little face is so handsome when your asleep. You remind me so much of your daddy in your sleep - that is, your sleeping faces of the same, you both snore and are both prone to bedtime farting. ( Sorry Mick ).

You've discovered so much in the 3 months since i last wrote you a letter :
a) you've learned to sit up on your own ( and all without a Bumbo )
b) you reach for things with both hands and like to swap toys from hand to hand and back again, just to show off your motor skills
c) you finally learned to blow raspberries after weeks and weeks of me blowing them at you. Now, when your in a talkative mood, i can hardly get a word in edge-wise for all the " bbbbbffft! " going on.

You've cut yourself some cute little teeth - they arent all the way up yet but there is enough of them there to give Daddy a little nip with. You had your " digestion issues " but after a bit of doctors advice you're now loving your fruit and custard at tea time, and porridge or yoghurt for breakfast - so much so i think you're growing yourself a nice little bikkie belly! You've made friends with the other gorgeous kiddies at mums group - watching you play and interact with them is so beautiful, even when you accidentally pull hair, or bonk each other in the head with toys, or even when you get grumpy and dont want to sit by yourself anymore. I pretend that i think your being a boom-baa but i secretly like that you need some time out just to snuggle up on Mummy's lap.

You went through a clingy stage for a while there but you've moved past it. You know longer NEED to be touching me, and are more than happy to have a cuddle with another close relative ( at least for a little while ). You are back to loving Poppy S - you actually screamed at the sight of him during your clingy thig - and now, after only a week, you are already excited when its getting near to 4pm.... the time Poppy S comes to take you for a walk.

Your daddy and I are both still besotted with you - even though sometimes you make me cry because i'm so tired, or you pull Daddy's chest hairs. Even though i keep threatening to pack you up and send you to China if you dont learn to sleep, i wouldnt trade you for the world.

Big lots love, snuggles and kisses,

Love Mummy xxoo

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Flip Offs - Again

Welcome back to another Friday Flip Off's, my chance to get my virtual rage on ( and without having to yell at my nearest and dearest ). Proudly brough to you by Gigi at KludgyMom.

To the Australia Labor Party - so you've given us a new Prime Minister, and our first female one at that. I'm so not impressed with the way you did it though. You've tainted the honor that Julia Gillard should have in being our first female PM and dont think you've managed to score my vote because you've dumped Kevin Rudd - i wasnt a fan of his by any means, but i would have liked to chance to have democratically voted him out. You know, like we're supposed to. So to your MP's and faceless powerbrokers who took away my right to vote, or not vote, for the person who runs my country ... FLIP OFF!

To the rash that has appeared on my sons back -  and his bum. I'm pretty sure you're only due to teething ( but i'm going to check with the doctor on Monday anyway ) and i dont think you're causing him any pain or trouble... but you look ugly. And itchy. And if you were on MY body you'd probably be driving me mad. So for the sake of my son having his gorgeous olive-y skin back, why dont you just FLIP OFF!

To mummy guilt - you got to me on Monday, well and truely. You made me cry, and then you made me feel bad that i'd cried. Basically, youir not nice and i dont need you in my life anymore. I'm a good mumma and thats all that needs be said. Take your horrible, nagging voice out of my head and FLIP OFF!

To all the bad drivers in my town - why is it that i'm the only person around here who knows how to drive? To the rest of you - stop pulling out in front of me and cutting me off; learn how to correctly use your indicators; know when you do, and dont, have right of way; and for the love of God, stop breaking the speed limit to go around me and then slowing down when you pull in front of me! You're driving me mental and probably contributing to the amount of swearing my son gets to hear everyday. Usually i'd use the other f-word but today you can just FLIP OFF!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Best Invention Ever?

Or medevial torture device?

If your not sure what i'm talking about, you've missed the news this week that a doctor in South Africa has invented an anti-rape condom. Its basically a plastic device, inserted as you would a tampon, that has jagged hooks on the inside which would attach themselves to the attackers penis. The hooks only grip in tighter when the male tries to pull out, and once attached the condom can only be removed by a doctor.

Sounds good in theory - a device which may just in fact deter men ( who would be so inclined ) from raping innocent women. When the legal penalities have not been enough to stop rape from happening, perhaps the knowledge that their manhood will be completely mangled will be enough. But when would a women use it ? Daily? When going on a date with a new and unfamiliar man ? When heading out for a night on the town, just in case? Seems to me that, in practice, the anti-rape condom may be a little impractical.

So, despite fact that i think that any man who tries to rape a woman deserves to have his manhood mangled ( or chopped off even... ) i'm not so sure that this anti-rape condom is going to work. Points for trying, but in reality i'm not sure that this is the ultimate solution to this scourge on society....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ooh - I Love Designer!

Handbags, shoes, jewellery.... if i could afford beautiful designer things, i'd have some. Designer is nice. What is designer, yet not nice? Designer babies.

Yep - designer babies. I know the debate has been had before but i watched an article on " The Morning Show " this morning that had my blood boiling. It was a story about how the ever-controversial website has started taking "genetic donations " from its members, so that childless couples are able to use eggs and sperm that will result in attractive children. Basically the representative of the website, Greg Hodge, argues that attractiveness is an essential quality in todays societies and any couple using donor genetics, that wants the absolute best for their child, would choose to donations from his members.
Greg Hodge is the pretentious looking cock in black. Wanker.

I have never heard a bigger load of crap from a bigger egomaniac in my life. First off, what kind of shallow wanker starts a website exclusively for beautiful people, christening himself beautiful in the process? Second of all, each and every child in the entire world is beautiful to someone - my son is the epitome of gorgeous to me, but i think my friends baby falls into the " Not cute " category. Her mother, however, thinks she is the most beautiful baby to have ever graced the earth. Parents do not need to select physical characteristics ( down to specific hair and eye colour ) to find their children beautiful.

Also - whats "attractiveness"? Greg Hodge kept emphasising "attractiveness " as incredibly important - but attractive to who? You? Me? Him? There are literally billions of people on this planet - billions of whom i personally would not find in the least bit enticing. But i;m sure someone does. Take Larry King, the American talking head, for example - so NOT my cup of tea. He's old, and wrinkly, and reminds me of a lizard who's seen too much sun. But the man has been married 6 or 7 times ( or somewhere in that vicinity ) so clearly there have been women who have found him attractive enough to be involved with him. Kate Moss - skinny, no breasts, pinched face. In my opinion that is. And thats not the kind of attractive i'd like to be, but fashion execs and men everywhere think she's the bees knees.

What i'm trying to say here is that " designing " your baby, based simple on looks, is not only wrong ( IMO ) but shallow and ridiculous. Also - Greg Hodge of ? Complete and utter cockwad.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Uh, How Do I Put This?

The first day of Project Sleepy-time ? Big. Fat. Fail.

I thought we were going to be ok, at first. He showed tired signs at around 8:20 am. I wrapped him up, gave me a quick snuggle and put him into his bed, as described in my last post. It took 45 minutes of crying ( and 2 minutes of me stroking his cheek, which i dont think was allowed ) to get him to sleep. 45 minutes i spent lying bag in a bean bag, with my eyes shut, pretending to be asleep. Not too bad for our first effort. I could put up with that.

Flynn woke after an hour and he was all smiley and cheery and generally adorable. I was going to try putting him to bed again around noon but my sister-in-law asked if i could look after my 18 month old neice while she went to the dentist ( yep, no problem ). Consequently, we didnt try to another nap until 1pm. This was when the fail came in. Long story short - my previously adorable son lie in his bed, wrapped up and tucked in, crying and screaming for two hours. This was only because, after an hour and half, i couldnt take anymore of being in the same room and i cracked, curled up on the floor in the fetal position and bawled my eyes out, before my mum rang and out of the blue and i begged her to come and help me.

Yes, you read that i right - i full on cracked. Crumbled. Came unstuck. But my mum took Flynn outside, and my dad helped me off the floor, and we had a chat and worked out a way to help me ( my dad, who walks every afternoon, is going to come and take Flynn with him so i can have an hour to myself to clean, or cook, or read, or nap... or whatever )..... and i am ok. And i will be ok tomorrow.

Maybe we are not ready for the Parental Presence method. Maybe it will be better tomorrow. Maybe it wont work at all and i'll just have to try something else. But i'm gonna keep trying cos that the kind of mumma i am - vunerable and perhaps slightly mental, but willing to do whatever i can for my bubba....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome to Project Sleepy-Time

Name: Project Sleepy-Time

Aim : To get my son to learn to sleep without mummy having to cuddle him and pat him. That is, Mr Flynny needs to learn the skill of self-settling - i cannot keep hugging him to sleep. He is only one week off being 6 months old and i think i'm ready to give the whole self-settling thing a proper shot.

Method: After much reading and chatting to fellow mums and the Tresillian nurse on MSN Mums, i have decided to go with the so-called " Parental Presence " method. Heres how it works: i wrap Flynn up and give him the usual cuddle until he's calm/drowsy. Then, rather than keep the cuddling and patting going til he's comfortably pushing out the zzz's, i'm going to put him in his cot, tuck him in, give him a kiss and tell him its time to go to sleep. Now, the " parental presence " part - rather than leave the room i'm going to curl up in a bean bag right beside his bed, where he can see me, and pretend to be asleep. If he becomes agitated i'm to keep my eyes closed and say " Ssshhh, its time to go to sleep ". In theory i need to keep this pretend sleep thing going until Flynn falls asleep.

Dude - this is going to be hard! I am under no illusions that this is going to be both difficult, and time-consuming. I've tried controlled crying and, believe me, my son must have one hell of a stubborn streak - i've left him in his cot, alternately whingeing and crying ( with me checking on him every 10 minutes ) for almost 2 hours ( out of sheer frusturation ). Did he eventually fall asleep? No. No, after 2 hours it was time for him to have another feed. We've tried the controlled crying for over 2 weeks and not once has he fallen asleep in his cot on his own. Fail, controlled crying, fail.

So, " Parental Presence " method, here we come. Its now 7:41am on Monday morning - we have been awake for 40 minutes, have had one booby feed, will be having a yoghurt in about half an hour and i'm anticipating tired sign by 8:45am, at which point Project Sleepy-Time will come into effect. I'm thinking today is going to be full of crying, screaming, general non-cooperation and a frazzled mummy, but i'm determined to stick with it. Wish me luck!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Friday Flip Offs

Welcome once again to Friday Flip Offs, the end-of-week stress reliever, brought to by Gigi over at Kludgy Mom. Joining us in virtually flipping off all those things that have annoyed you this week, thus saving your friends and families from your real life wrath. Have at

To the washing man machine repair people - who sent back my machine unrepaired. After having Mick take the machine into the shop ( rather than you come to our home ) you returned it saying there was nothing wrong with it. We paid you $30 for this privilege. Upon doing a (thankfully ) small load of washing i discovered that it still wasnt spinning properly and washing was still sopping wet. Mick hasnt had time to take it back in this week - as you want to charge us a further $66 that we cant afford to come to our house and look at it - so it looks like i'll be without my machine for the third week running. Its getting really inconvenient to pack up my baby and a basket of washing and go out to do the laundry. Fix my damned machine or FLIP OFF!

To the NSW State of Origin selectors ( again ) -  job well done doodleheads. Instead of showing a bit of faith in a team that only lost the first match by 4 points, you chopped and changed 7 players and we lost the second game 36 -4.... and this years series. For the fifth straight year. If it were up to me i'd fire the lot of you... FLIP OFF!

To brownies, and slice, and all the stuff i love to bake - i love you, really i do, but your slowly making me fat. Not that fat is necessarily bad, its just not where i want to be. Therefore, i will only be baking once a week from now on - on a Wednesday, for mums group on a Thursday - and if the urge strikes me to bake any other time i will have to tell it to FLIP OFF!

To Pim Verbeek, Socceroos coach  - I know almost nothing about soccer, but i even i know the decision to NOT play our two best forwards was pretty damn stupid. You upset my brother and you upset the rest of the soccer-loving nation. Frankly i think most people cant wait til the World Cup is over and you can just FLIP OFF!

To my bathroom - which needs to be cleaned. Can't you just learn to clean yourself? Don't get me wrong, its not filthy or anything.... the floor is just covered in my hair ( damn breastfeeding! ) and the bath is accumulating a nice light covering of dust ( where the baby bath isnt sitting ). Its just with Flynn's teething this week, and subsequent clinginess and grumpiness, i just havent found time to get in there. So get thyself clean or FLIP OFF!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mummy Tummy Begone!

Let me ask you this - how in the world am i going to be able to regularly indulge my love of baking without getting fat? I weighed myself the other day ( for the first time since having a baby ) and - argh! I weigh the same now as i did when i was 8 months pregnant! It kind of shocked me to tell you the truth. I managed to lose enough of the baby weight to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans but just in the last few weeks i'd noticed them getting a little uncomfortable around the middle. And no wonder - i am now only 3 kgs lighter than my heaviest ever weight ( but, strangely, still 2 clothing sizes smaller ).

I know we should pay more attention to how our clothes fit than we do to a particular number but i cant help it. I worked really hard a few years back to get some weight off - i lost a total of 20 kgs in about a year - and the thought of it creeping back on, even after having a baby, is creeping me out. And so this week has seen the implementation of " Operation Slim Down ". Its nothing drastic, mind you. I'd like to lose at least 10 kgs and get back to the weight i was before falling pregnant. I havent put a time frame on it because, as a new mum, the last thing i need is the added pressue of some kind of deadline. So, over the next few months or so, i plan on losing 10 kgs by taking Flynn for at least one walk everyday - even when its cold and i have to rug him up - and by doing a yoga routine at home at least once a week. Y'all know i love me some yoga and i think its the thing i've missed the most about my pre-baby life. I know enough to devise my own routine ( bearing in mind i wanted, and still want to oneday, train as a yoga teacher ) and have motivation enough to stick with it without having someone to push me. I dont really plan on changing me eating habits too much though. I eat fairly well - though i do eat more than i used to because breastfeeding makes me hungry! - its more the sedentary lifestyle of the last 6 months that has seen my mummy tummy stay put.

God helps me if my mummy tummy actually starts to spread - even though Mick tells me i'm beautiful i think we'll have to agree to disagree....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I Like About You!

Ok, not actually you , out there reading this. This is actually another Blog This! challenge post, which for this week reads: Select 10 things you love about your life and tell us why. It could be certain people, where you live, your local shop...include images if you like.

So, in know real particular order ( or, i should say, the order that these things sprung into my head. Read into that what you will .... ) -
1. My son - well duh, of course Flynn was going to be on my list. Even with crying, teething, pooing, not pooing, hair pulling and vomiting, the almost-6 months he's been in my life have been the bestest time ever.
2. My fiance - Michael brightens my world. We very rarely fight and the few times we have i've only loved him more the next day. He tells me my mummy tummy is beautiful, says he's proud of me, loves my cooking and encourages me to be a good wife and mother. I love him big lots!
3. My family - my people are good people. I'm really close to my immediate family - if any of them ever move away, i'm not really sure how i'd cope. Seriously, i see either my mum and dad, my little sister, or my brother and his family at least 4 times a week. When i need adult conversation during the day ( being home alone with a baby can make you a little mental ) my family are the first ones i turn to. And, having a best friend be someone you've had a falling out with and are still trying to get back on track with, my family are my best friends too.
4. The internet - it connects me to the world; it informs, educates and entertains me. Its my window to the world beyond my front door which, with a baby, i sometimes feel i'm not really a part of. I love you inter-web!
5. My slow cooker - best.invention.ever. Its so convenient to be able to put dinner on at lunchtime and not have to worry about it at the busy end of the day. Plus, succulent, moist, meat falling off the bone? Heaven...
6. Cooking in general - I've totally fallen in love with cooking in the last few months. I'd cooked before of course, but it had only ever been out of necessity. Now, i love the ritual of sitting down with recipe books and cooking magazines, planning the menu for the week, writing my shopping list, buying the produce and then cooking each meal. It fills me with some strange kind of satisfaction when i get a dish right, or when i get a compliment on it. I love compliments!
7. Naps - really simple: naps are refreshing, and there is nothing better in winter than being able to snuggle up with a blanket and go to sleep. If i'm tired enough, when Flynn sleeps, i sleep. Naps make my world a better, and much easier, place.
8. Pepsi Max - thirst quencher! I'm not a big drinker of alcohol: i know zero about wine, cant stomach beer, and only make myself a Midori and lemonade every blue moon. So when i need something sweet and fizzy, Pepsi Max is the go to. Apologies to my sisters boyfriend for sneaking cans from their fridge...
9. My father sense of humour -  this could technically come under " My Family " but my dads sense of humour deserves a spot all its own. He's the wittiest person i know and has a special brand of sarcasm and dryness that just tickles my funny bone. Couldnt live without it.
10. Ugg boots - dont look at me like that. Yes, they arent really fashionable, and no, i dont wear them down the street (much ). But they're comfy and warm and snuggly and those are the things that rock my world.

Monday, June 14, 2010

We Have Success!

So - Mick and I finally managed to make it to the cinema today, taking advantage of our public holiday Monday. See, we havent been to the movies since November last year ( the last film we saw at the cinema was " 2012 " ) and its something i really missed doing. I had planned on going to see " Avatar " with my father the day after Boxing Day last year ... but was interrupted but the birth of my son. Mick and I had planned to go 2 weeks ago but thats when i came down with that horrible 24 hour virus - and i didnt much fancy having to flee the cinema and run to toilet to throw up every 15 minutes. So when we noticed that the film we wanted to see was being shown in the cinema with the crying room today, we though why not pack up Flynn and we could all go to the movies together?

And so, with a bit of trepidation, we did. I put a few extra toys in Flynns bag, made sure he had a blanket in his pram ( why are cinemas always cold? ) and off we went to see " Robin Hood ". I'm not going to a review post or anything but suffice to say i enjoyed it. It was my kind of thing - epic, well shot, well acted ( despite ole Rusty's accent going in and out ) and its been left open to a sequel. Oh, and it also features the divine Cate Blanchett, who i think is just an acting goddess. What i really loved though was how well Flynn went. He was a little over-awed at the size of the screen to begin with but he fell asleep about 20 minutes into the movie and stayed asleep for over and hour. After the movie we bought some pies from our local bakery and had our lunch in the park.

So quite the successful outing. It gives me confidence that we can go out and do things with Flynn now that he's a little older without me worrying that he;s going to chuck some kind of big tantrum or go on a crying jag. The sanctuary of the crying room helps though of course :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Friday Flip Offs

Welcome reader type persons - its time again for Friday Flip Offs, the brain child of Gigi at KludgyMom, and the bestest way to release the weeks stresses!

To teeth - hurry up and grow into my sons mouth already! He's been drooling and rosy-cheeked for almost 2 months now and Monday i discovered a small slit in his gum. Wednesday there was a second slit. Today there is two tiny white caps showing in those slits. All week my son has been wailing, crying his poor little lungs out. So, for God's sake, hurry up and pop all the way up so he can get smiley again - only this time with teeth. Otherwise, why dont you just FLIP OFF!

To cold mornings - you suck. It has been well noted that i very much dislike winter and cold weather in general, therefore i was not impressed with it being -3 degrees celsius when i had to get up this morning. -3 degrees? Yea .... FLIP OFF!

To bragging mums - either those who like to brag about what their children can do, or those who brag about what their children have. I'm all for being proud of your children but you can do that without making other children, or mothers, feel/look bad. It should be more " Look what my child can do! " not " Look what your child CANT do! ". You know? And for those of you who like to think that buying an $80 piece of plastic to help your child learn to sit up makes you awesome.... it doesnt. If you want to spend money on things like that ( and yes, if you havent guessed, i'm talking about a Bumbo ) then thats great, but just because i dont, or cant afford to, doesnt make me a bad mother. For the record, we dont have a Bumbo and my son can already sit on his own - because i sit on the floor with him and practice. So there - FLIP OFF!

To the old man who pulled out of his parking space without looking and almost hit me - i have a baby on board; you have mirrors. Use them, dude, use them. Lucky you didnt hit me or you know what you would have got? A great big FLIP OFF!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Is Wrong With Some Women?

So - there has been a report in my local media this past week that 30% of women think its okay to drink alcohol whilst pregnant, despit knowing the risks. What the?

Where were these women during physical education classes at high school? And for those of them who have children, where were they when their doctors and midwives were explaining the do's and dont's of pregnancy to them ? Its absolutely mental to me to think that some women can't put two and two together - alcohol is not entirely good for adults, let alone tiny, growing baby-type persons. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy may induce fetal alcohol syndrome, which can result in deformities, low birth weights or even brain damage. Why take the risk?

And what i cant believe is the amount of women who DO take the risk. For example, i have an aunt who is due to give birth in the next two weeks. I'm not going to mention her age but suffice to say she falls into the " older " mother category - this, of course, brings its own complications. However this, coupled with blood clots in previous pregnancies, hasnt stopped her having a tipple or two at functions during her pregnancy. I wanted to scream at her that she has so much to lose and so many risks with her pregnancy already, why was she pushing the envelope? But its hardly my place to tell a women who already has children whats best for her and her pregnancy, me being a first time mum and all. And i have a Facebook friend ( who isnt actually a real life friend, just a girl i went to school with and was scared of... ) who is pregnant with her 3rd child and every second Facebook statu update is " Blah Blah is having a smoke " or " Blah Blah is getting her drink on ". Why?????

Admittedly, i run a few risks while i was pregnant - i ate deli meat and soft serve ice cream because i hadnt been told not to. But when i did find out, i stopped. It didnt hurt me to go without, even with cravings. But more importantly, it didnt hurt my baby. And is that the important thing?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Poetry - Past or Present?

Erin from Motherhood Y'all commented on this post that i had " writing talent " when it came to poetry. It was a nice compliment to receive and it got me thinking about all the poetry i have written in the past. A select few poems have been published ( but only in those Readers Digest anthologys that no-one actually reads... ) but most of my writing was for my eyes only. Back in high school and early adulthood, when i was all bleak and depressed, and back before my blog, poetry was my way of getting thoughts and feelings off my chest and out of my head. My poetry was borne out of pain, loneliness and a dark, dark place. Even so, after the comment on my so-called talent, i felt the need to go back and read some of what i had written. For example ( and for more examples, try searching " Amy Louise Wells " at ):


Like holy Mother Mary meek and mild
I'm but a supporting player in this scene.
Why do you treat me like a lowly child?
As if my hopes are nothing but a dream.
Each night at rest my heavy eyes I close
And sleep does visions of my future hold.
And in sleep I am depicted as a rose,
A character both beautiful and bold.
But upon waking I am just a thorn.
At least thats how you often make me feel.
Perhaps I was just better off unborn
Then all of this for us would be unreal.
And so in theses last words I tell it true:
In fact I'm better off not here with you.

Reading it over, i immediately remembered what kind of headspace i was in when i wrote it. I still feel an attachment to every line i've written, even if so much of it DOESN'T relate to my life anymore. There are poems from days i felt abandoned; days i felt angry; days when, living overseas, i felt homesick. There is nothing written out of happiness. I'd never felt the pull of poetry when I was happy. Til now. Til that post last week, when i wrote a poem about my son. Its strange that, of all the thoughts and feelings that this little man has inspired in me, that he should bring me back to poetry, which was always a refuge in a dark place.

Perhaps that means that dark place may have finally seen some light.....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Food, Glorious, Food!

I am so loving food right now. I'm loving cooking it, eating it, watching it being cooked on tv and i'm loving reading about it. I'm not loving it enough to get hugely, grossly fat though - so no worries about that. I'm just enjoying the rituals of food is all, and how it makes people come together and be happy. ( Most of the time - my failed attempt at soup last night didnt really make anyone happy ).

I sit down of a Friday evening and plan out a menu for the week - i go through my recipe magazines and very few cookbooks that i own and choose the recipes i'd like to make, and write out the weeks shopping list as i go. My mother always did it that way and i always thought she was a bit anal. But you know what? Its so much easier that way! No going to the freezer and/or fridge and going " Uh, what am i going to cook tonight ? " . No getting out your recipe only to find that you dont have any mushrooms/chicken stock/ peanuts ( or, you know, whatever ). I dont plan it down to the specific day though - i just ask Mick in the morning what he'd life for dinner, give him the options, and he usually says " Suprise me! ". Easy as that. This weeks menu includes a beef massamun curry that i'm really looking forward to and my first attempt at beer battered fish.

I'm also enjoying baking. I've baked something almost every week since Flynn has been born, just for that fun of it, and now that we're hosting mothers group at each others houses rather than going to a cafe there is even more incentive to whip up a yummy slice or some muffins. Plus, and i know this is a little big-headed, but i really like getting compliments on my cooking from the other mums. I made a slice a few weeks ago that got the thumbs up all round - i even got asked for the recipe! - and this weeks " Apple and Cream Cheese Friands " scored me a " gee you're a good cook! ". Big smiles from me! And i'm not a baking snob either - i'm totally happy to share my recipes. I know some people are all " oh no, its an old family recipe, i couldnt possibly share it with you " but most of mine come from magazines or so they aren't exactly a secret!

So, in the spirit of sharing, leave me a comment ( if you want ) with your favourite meal to cook, a link to a recipe, or to your favourite cooking website!

Friday Flip Offs

Friday Flip Off time again - as brought to you all by Gigi at KludgyMom.

To 24 hour bugs - especially the one that decided to plague me last Saturday night. It is a well known fact that i hate throwing up, i hate the spasms in your stomach and the pain that comes when you have nothing left in that stomach to bring up anymore. Therefore, i hate you... so flip off!

To Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister - how bout you try giving us a straight answer for once, instead of carefully worded spin? Or how bout you try taking the blame or the responsibility for some of your stuff ups and/or retractions, instead of palming off on someone else? I didnt vote for you last time and i wont vote for you this election either so... flip off!

To people who use their Facebook statuses as a weapon - that is, those people who use their statuses to show off, thus making other feel inadequate. Its just not nice. You can be proud of something, or happy about something, without being arrogant. Sometimes i read your update and want to say " yea? who cares.... flip off!

To the soup i made tonight - you were an fail. Not quite an epic fail, but you werent any good. I've re-read the recipe and i've read other recipes for the same soup - and i think you called for way too much stock. You ended up, somehow, both watery and lumpy at the same time, instead of thick and creamy. Consequently, i threw most of you out.... flip off!

And thats all i have this week - truth be told, i've had a pretty good week. Flynn's been much better, i havent been sick, we had a great day yesterday hanging out with our mums group friends and a great day today over at Grandma and Poppy's. I guess its nice to not have much to Flip Off! But if you do, feel free to join in the fun....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Am I Reading?

Head on over to Kylies place at A Study In Contradictions to find out. I'm todays guest blogger in her Favourite Book series so if you interested in what i consider to be a good book, stop by and check it out!
Also, thanks to those of you who have voted for me in this weeks Blog This! challenge - looks this week could be my week in the " winners " circle!

Just Keep Swimming

Eyelashes wet with tears
Hot little face
Flushed red and crumpled
Fighting the sleep and pain of teeth
Fat little fist
Curled 'round my finger
Trying to hold on to wakefulness
Not quite succeeding
Whimpers get softer
Eyelids drop closed
Sleep takes over
But Mummy hangs on

Ok, little poetic interlude there people. Lets call that " Ode to Sleepy, Cranky Flynny ". I had to lie down with him this afternoon and help him get to sleep - it took 40 minutes but it was worth it. He might scream and sqwauk and cry for a while but damn is my child cute, with his little chubby cheeks and chubby hands and fluffy hair. That being said, i cant wait to get him into the kind of routine where i can pop his binky in, give him his blanky, put him in his cot and he'll drift off to sleep on his own. I have plans for that, just not quite yet. I think i'll let him get completely over the tummy troubles and comfortable with his solids ( pumpkin rocks his world! ) before i spring anything new on him.

Except swimming. Some of the other mums and bubs from our mothers group have been going swimming for weeks now ( one of the girls in our group is a swim teacher so she's teaching everyone for free ) and i've been too embarrassed to go. I didnt think my swimmers from last summer would feet me ( big baby boobs again.... ) and i didnt want anyone to see my " mummy tummy ". But you know what? Thats really damn selfish of me. Why should i hold my baby back from doing something new, from learning something important, just because i feel a bit fatt-ish? So i'm going to try those swimmers on tonight and if they fit we're off to the pool on Friday. Mick said if i feel a bit self conscious i can borrow a pair of his football shorts to wear as boardshorts - aint he nice? - and the only other thing i have to do is get Flynn some swim nappies.

Look out heated indoor pool - Flynn, his mummy, and her tummy are coming your way!