Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

.... and i aint coming back ( til Thursday evening ). My bags are packed to head off and take the three flights it will take to get to Rockhampton for my annual work conference. It might sound like a bit of a junket - leaving good old DubVegas and heading to sunny Queensland - but if its any consolation it will be two days of pretty boring meetings and presentations. I may or may not have to eat my weight in mints just to stay awake.

Image from here

Anyhoo, basically this means i'm going AWOL from the blog for a few days. I'm not one of these awesomely organised bloggers who has some posts scheduled to go live while i'm away so, until Thursday night, you'll just have to get along without me. I know, I know, it'll be hard....

Friday, August 26, 2011

Polly Dolly - Birthday Babe

You read it right - its another Polly Dolly. I'm running a little late on this one... partly because i work Fridays and partly because Polyvore was being a pain in my arse and it took me forever to get this set finished. But never mind that! This week the lovely Dani from Danimezza would like to see our cutest outfit for a .....

Polly Dolly - Birthday BabeMy little Flynn will be turning 2 on December 27th - the perfect time of year for a cute summer-y outfit. I found these great denim shorts ( which arent too long, but arent shorty shorts either! ) and paired them with this sweet ruffle top, in the perfect mauve/purple shade. Throw on a pair of gorgeous wedges for a bit of height, and some wooden bangles to tie in with the brown in the shoes. A pair of sunnies are mandatory for a summer party and then all thats left is the party! A " Sesame Street " theme would actually really suit my Elmo/Cookie/Ernie mad son so that great cake and some colourful balloons will be all we need!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Over The Hill And Far Away

So remember how i said i was trying to get all my ducks in a row? Yea, well - those ducks have officially flown off and deserted me. Gone north for the winter or something. Either way, those ducks are no longer lined up the way we wanted them to be, which means the dream of family home ownership is still not in reach.

There go my ducks... ( pic from here )
So - poo to that. Basically i went to the bank we are already with ( again - which bank? ) and basically got told we can borrow pretty much jack squat, and I got pretty basic customer service to go along with that little announcement. To be quite frank i got the feeling that i wasnt worth enough money to the bank for them to bother trying too hard to help me. So poo to the bank!

Then i went to Aussie Home Loans and spoke to a mortgage broker there who, despite telling me we could get a fraction more than jack squat ( which was better, but still not enough to buy a decent place ), was really lovely. She was really helpful - not only did she run the numbers to see how much we could borrow, but she also gave me some alternatives, and some advice in how to get moving in the right direction. Actually, she gave me such good customer service i think i might write a little thank you " Thumbs Up " into our local paper.

So basically - we arent in the position yet to sell my duplex and buy a family home. And where does that leave us, seeing as we are hoping to expand our family in the very near future? It leaves us with.... converting our garage into a third bedroom/playroom. I'm not sure whether it will add value to the property when we can afford to sell it but, seeing as we arent in the position to move, converting is what we need to do in order to have enough space for a growing family.

Have any of you converted your garages into "inhabitable " rooms? Any advice? Or anyone looking to donate a couple of hundred thousand dollars to a young family?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What To Wear? What To Wear?

So - next Monday i'm off to a conference for work... in sunny Rockhampton, Queensland. I know its not going to be as glamourous or as exciting as Blogopolis ( oh yes, still harboring some jealousy here... ) but, like you ladies who were lucky enough to be able to attend in Melbourne, i need to figure out what to wear. I have a day of plan trips on Monday ( on the way up ) and Thursday ( on the way back ) and actual conference meetings and activities on the Tuesday and Wednesday. Bearing in mind that though this is technically a business conference the dress code isnt especially corporate, and taking into account what kind of weather northern Queensland is going to throw at me... what in the bloody hell am i going to wear?

The decision might be easier if i had a wardrobe like Kate Bosworths...

Methinks jeans and a comfy top are a no-brainer for the two days of travelling. I'll be buggered if i'm going to do a Lady Gaga and trip around Sydney and Brisbane domestic airports in my fanciest clothes. Nope - jeans and comfy cotton shirts, flats or possibly sandals and a slouchy satchel all the way for this little traveller.

For the conference itself - Day One i'm thinking a cute dress, black tights and boots. Khaki suede, stacked heel, ankle boots to be exact. Boots that say " Dont walk all over me, because i might just stomp back ". An outfit that shows my feminine side but that finishes off with a touch of hard-arse, i-wont-be-pushed-around attitude.

Day two , traditionally a bit more of a relaxed day - maybe slim fit dark jeans, white cotton blouse and flats. More formal and more pretty than the jeans-and-t-shirt combo, but still comfy enough to last through a day of (probably very boring ) presentations.

Yep, thats what i'm thinking. Of course, there is still the whole ritual of trying each outfit on, perusing myself in the mirror, and asking Mick what he thinks before i even consider packing my bags.... What about you? Do you pre-plan your holiday/conference outfits down to the day? Do you ponder each outfit option for weeks in advance? And do you think my boots are going to kick arse?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Each Piece Tells A Story

So - guess who's started sleeping in a big boy bed?

No, not Mick, he still has to share one with me (ha! ). No, no, at the tender age of almost-20 months we have decided the time is right to put Flynn into a " big boy bed ". No more cot, and no graduation to a toddler bed ( i cant justify the cost of a toddler bed... ) - just straight from cot into a standard sized single bed. A solid, retro style tubular bed, which has long ago been repainted blue. Why "long ago " and "repainted ", you ask? Because Flynns very funky new big boy bed used to be.... mine. Its been recycled and repurposed, thanks to the very generous donation of my parents and my sister ( who previously had it in the spare room of her old flat ).

Ignore all the spare blankets and bags of clothes stashed under the new big boy bed....
This bed started out life as a set of steel tubular style bunk beds, in a lovely, girly fairy floss pink ( as was chosen by my parents. I've never been much of a pink girl myself ). When i outgrew the novelty of bunk beds my very handy Dad decided to be thrifty, took the bunks out to the garage and, using an angle grinder and some precise measurement, sliced the bunk bed in half - resulting into two solid single beds. Not being a super fan of pink - and being a moody girl in her early teens by this time - i chose to repaint them blue. And now almost 15 years later, one of those repurposed bunk beds has ended back in my possession, and is a very reliable ( if not slightly pink flecked in places ) first big boy bed for my little man. Hows that for recycling?

A little toy corner - a mini wheely bin full of stuff, plus a book shelf of plush toys...
And hey - it may not be the coolest piece of very retro, almost vintage furniture to ever see the light of day, but at least it has a heartwarming story....

Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting All My Ducks In A Row

Alrighty - so you may have seen a few of my Tweets this past fortnight or so begging for someone to buy my house ( or to lend me a few thousand dollars ) ? Yes well, i have the itchiest of itchy feet.... our little duplex is great and all but i just want to start the next chapter of our lives NOW. However, until this week, i havent done anything to make that happen other than trying to will myself to win the lottery. Apparently, no matter how hard you wish, you cant attract absoluetly EVERYTHING into your life...

An " Edward Scissorhands " neighbourhood - that'd be nice...
So i've decided i'm going to be proactive about this whole " lets buy a house" thing. I've gone to an open home for a house that would be in our price range, and i've had a chat to the real estate agent there about the market, how much we could expect to sell the duplex for, and how long it might take.

I've made an appointment with our bank ( which bank? ) to see the home loan specialist, so we can figure out how much we might need to sell for to cover the existing mortage, plus commission/solicitor/etc blah blah blah, but also so that we can (hopefully) be pre-approved for a new loan. That way, Mick and I can have a realistic expectation of what we might be able to afford to spend on a new property.

I plan on making an appointment with a mortgage broker when i'm done at the bank. Mick isnt too keen ( he thinks we stand a better chance at the bank because we're existing customers ) but i want to know exactly whats available to us. I dont want to find "the" house, get a loan with our existing bank and then find out we sold ourselves short.

After all that, our plan is to list the duplex when we get back from our honeymoon, and begin looking for a new house right away. If everything fell into place ( which, lets face it - these things rarely do ) we would be able to sell the duplex and find a new house within a few weeks of each other, and move out of one and into the other before the 6 week settlement period was up. If we cant find and move into a house in that 6 week period... well, then it looks like we'd move in with my parents for a while. " Argh, no, dont do it! " i hear some of you shouting ( Holly is probably behind her screen screaming at me right now... )... but thats the only workable solution. If we did have that period in between selling and buying and we didnt move in with my parents we'd be homeless. And as frusturating as it may be to live in a household that would contain 5 adults ( including my sister ) and one toddler well... its gotta be better than having nowhere at all to live.

So - bring on November i say. Wedding, honeymoon, Wiggles concert ( i know - excited much!?! ) and listing a house.... you know, if my stress doesnt kill me first!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Polly Dolly - Ladylike Lingerie

Thursday has rolled around already and that means its time for Polly Dolly, as brought to you by the fabulous Dani over at Danimezza. This week Dani is being a bit saucy and wants to see Polly in her....

Polly Dolly - Ladylike LingerieThis is exactly the type of thing i'd love to have with me on my upcoming honeymoon - a silk chemise in a beautiful colour, matched with some lacy ( yet comfy! ) knickers. A spray of flirty perfume to help me feel super sexy, some candles and a glass of champagne to set the mood and.... bom-chika-wow-wow! Let the honeymoon baby-making begin! Some rocky road and strawberries to share afterwards ensure a sweet end to the evening... and maybe some  energy for round 2 (wink wink, nudge, nudge )...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adventures in Picnicking, Old School Style

Oh in the summertime, when the weather is high.... ok, so its not summer yet. Nor spring for that matter. However, over the past weekend we did have some lovely weather here in Dubvegas so we got together with my parents, my neices ( who were staying at Grandma and Poppys for the day ) and my younger sister to go on a proper, old-fashioned picnic. We packed ourselves some lunches, i made some delicious cheesecake brownies for dessert, and we took all the kids ( big and little ) out the park/play area at Taronga Western Plains Zoo ( our favourite playground in town! ). Unfortunately we missed out on a picnic table because when we got there every table was taken up by birthday parties - from what i could tell there was 3 seperate birthday parties going on....
 But no matter because there is lots of open space to run around in ( and a fence around the perimeter so little people cant run into the car park );

There is the great jungle gym/tree house. Flynn can climb up the ramp by himself and giggle his guts out when he goes down the slippery dip. The bigger kids climb right up the top and yell out at the top of their lungs " Hey Grandma! Hey Aunty Amy! Hey, i'm up here! "...
There were Daddies enjoying the sunshine on their picnic rugs ( looking good baby! )....

...and Poppies pushing little people on the swings. Flynn loves the swings and at the age of almost 20 months that the appropriate noise to make whilst swinging is " wheeeeeeeeeeee ! "
 There were also beautiful neices galore! The very cute MissB on the wobbly bridge....

 And the just as pretty, if not slightly more adventurous MissH at the end of her flying fox run.

 Then you had Grandma's playing hide and seek with cheeky little boys ( who then got bark in his shirt and proceeded to itch and scratch... )

And little boys who just l.o.v.e sand and dirt and all things grotty.

And, at the very end, there were silly Mummies ( with no make up, freckles and all ) and crazy Aunty Pippy's ( who had run out of bubbles to blow for the kiddies... ) making silly faces. Ah, a day in the park.... hurry up spring and summer can i do that every weekend!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Music: Still Awesome Or On The Downhill Slide?

Inspired by a question posed over on the Digital Parents forums, and egged on by a segment on my local radio..... todays post is a rant about the state of todays " popular " music. Seriously - i'm no old biddy ( at the ripe old age of 27 i still consider myself a spring chicken... ) but much of todays Top40/pop really gets on my nerves. Aside from the often inane lyrcis, or the beats that have been done to death, its the "obviousness " of it that annoys me. What am I talking about - " obviousness "?

Nothing is subtle anymore, there are no tongue-in-cheek lyrics that you kind of have to be in on the joke to understand - its all so there and in your face, its like being hit in the head with a brick. Its all just panders to the lowest common denominator and assumes that we need everything spelt out to us. Case in point: a song called " Dirty Talk " by Wynter Gordon that contains the lyrics " Tight clothes, lingerie, pantyhose, foreplay ", and also talks about how she wants to get her legs up in the back of the car. First of all - TMI. Secondly, could you possibly try harder with the rhyme scheme next time? Thirdly - TMI again. Its great that you're out there embracing your sexuality and getting it on in public places, but you dont need to be so explicit about it. I dont want to know, and young, impressionable children who are exposed to the radio/tv dont NEED to know.

Or what about when a song does have great lyrics, has some subtlety and mystery to the words, but the video clip is all sex! Boobs! S&M! look how controversial i can be! Yes, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Kanye West, i'm talking to you....

I dont mind when an artist feels the need to talk about sex, or drugs, or violence or death.... sometimes those things need to be expressed and, frankly, sometimes i DO want to hear about them. I just dont want them thrown in my face lyrically or visually - i want to be able to smile at how cleverly you can talk about them without actually going the whole hog and just saying it. You know, like a lyrical game of " Taboo ".

So i enjoy a song like " Right In Time " by Lucinda Williams ( an ode to missing your partner so much you need to masturbate to the memory of them ) or " Slide " by the Goo Goo Dolls ( about abortion and alienation ) or even " Luka " by Susan Vega ( the sweetest song about domestic violence that you'll ever hear... ) because the artist has managed to twist and turn and hide those issues and ideas so that adults can guess at them, and applaud their creativity, and small children will hear nothing more than sweet melodies and kick arse guitar solos....

Friday, August 12, 2011

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

Let me ask you this: what makes a good wedding?

As a bride-to-be ( in 12 weeks and counting! ) its a question i've been pondering for a while now. However, after watching this seasons first episode of the trash-tastic " Four Weddings " i started thinking - yes, its my wedding, but how much should i consider the enjoyment of others on my big day?

Mick and I are going for a laidback, casual kind of vibe with our wedding. We're having an outdoor ceremony ( on a cute little deck beside a small lake - complete with fountain! ) and our reception is being held in the private function lounge at the most " boutique " pub bar in town. We're having a cocktail reception - which means no set tables or 3 course meal, just the chance to move around, engage with everyone, and have fancy finger foods brought out for a tapas-style dinner. We're having a jukebox and a pool table, and we'd really love for it to feel like a big party with everyone in pretty clothes, as opposed to the stuffy, formal affairs that some weddings can be. I've had help from a wedding planner with decorations but have organised everything else myself.

I guess what i'm getting at is - of course the bride needs to love the big day, but how much should everyone else love it? I know no-one will be keeping score like the girls on " Four Weddings " but i'd really love for my guests to come away from my wedding saying that they really enjoyed the whole event, that its one of the best they've been to. ( You know, without sounding either too desperate or competitive... ).

What made your wedding special? Aside from the dream dress and the hair and the make-up, what was one thing that "made " the day for you? Or, as a guest, what makes for a memorable wedding experience?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Polly Dolly - Behind The Mask

So Thursday means its time again  for another Polly Dolly, brought to you by the ever amazing Dani over at Danimezza. This week Dani is playing it all mysterious, and wants to know what Polly would wear to a ....

Polly Dolly - Behind The MaskTo me the word " masquerade " instantly invokes an old school kind of glamour, a sense of mystery and keeping things hidden that is missing from todays " polite society " ( can you tell i've been reading too many books set in genteel upper class England? ) This black and gold mask is quite ornate, so Polly is going retro-glam in a gorgeous long-sleeved gown in basic black. However with its deep v neck and cut out back it allows Polly to be sexy, but still classy. Gold python peep toes have a 40's vibe, and simple jewellery keeps the focus on the mask. A slash of red lippie and black mascara to help her eyes " pop " behind her mask, a spray of her favourite night time fragrance and Polly is ready to hit the masquerade ball....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Census Night - Woo To The Hoo!

Census night - is everyone excited?!? No? No? Thats probably because the Census questions are boring.... which is why you need to do the " New Adventures in Dreamworld Alternative Census "! In the spirit of knowing all about my readers, and thus my very little community, i have composed this list of Very.Important.Questions that you all need to think about answering:

1. How much money have you spent at the petrol station on lollies/drinks/magazines you dont need?
2. Are Josh and Jenna the most annoying reality tv couple ever?
3.Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob, or are you over the age of 18 and really dont care?

4.How much did you contribute to the national economy by spending half your annual income at the Target/Big W/Kmart toy sales?
5.How many times a year does your partner do a load of washing - without being asked?

6.Would you consider the area you live in to be: City? Suburb? Rural ? And would you consider the state of your home to be: Pristine? Liveable? Post-Children Apocalyptic?
7.Have you stopped watching " Sunrise " on Channel 7 because Kochie is a major dickhead?
8. When was the last time you were able to take a shower/have a bath without a child being present?

9. How often do you have roast dinners, and is you meat of choice: Chicken?Lamb? Pork with crackling?
10. How awesome do you consider the author of this blog?

Ok, i think that should give me a good handle on you guys. Feel free to answer in the comments or to steal the questions for a post of your own!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Come Back Sunshine!

So we had a great week of sunshine and laughs last week and then this week.......back to crappy cold, wind and sleety rain. Booo! So, in an effort to keep the sunshiney spirit alive and kicking, please enjoy these photos of my boychild at one of the local parks last Wednesday. We had the park to ourselves ( just me, him, and my sister, his Aunty Pippy ) and although he needed a bit of help to climb up on the jungle gyms, he had an absolute ball....
Preparing to slide down the "dip " all by himself. You dont want to see how poor Bruce the Teddy went down ( he got a shove to the back and ended up in the dirt... )

The swings are Flynns favourite. In fact, he enjoys swinging back and forth and throwing his head back so much i couldnt get him to look at me for a photo.

Flynn is finally starting to learn that when someone points a camera at you, you look and you smile. This is his biggest and best smile so far. ( And look how his chubby cheeks make his eyes disappear... cute! )

Showing off his muscles - which are huuuuuuuuuge!

Exploring the playground on his trike. What better way to get around when there are no other kids to get in the way?

And now utilising the actual bike/trike path. He's a on a highway to... the swings probably. Or some more chips out of his snack bag.

Aww....looking like such a big boy. Cant believe there is only 4.5 months til he turns 2!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Polly Dolly - Hippie Hippie Shake

Yay - a new Polly Dolly is here! Brought to you by the very talented ( and in demand! ) Dani over at Danimezza, this week we need to get a bit chillaxed, a little bit zen, and go all...
Polly Dolly - Hippie Hippie ShakeA sweet smock dress and relaxed denim vest set the tone for the outfit. Gladiator sandals are a must, but the bead and sparkles on these ones give the outfit a boost. A head scarf to keep all that long, luxurious, hippie hair out of Polly's face, and aviator shades and sunscreen keep the Polly sunsafe. Throw the rest of her stuff in a great brown satchel and Polly is ready to hit the hippie trail!

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Start Of A Journey

So - today is exactly 3 months until my wedding. 3 measly little months - but for all the little things i have to do in the meantime, it may aswell only be three days. But this post is not about wedding preparations... no, today i want to pose a question. Some of you may or may not be able to answer it, but it is really more about me getting things off my chest and out of my headspace.

So.... how long did it take you to fall pregnant after you stopped taking the Pill? Or more to the point - how long will it take me?
Pic from here
I've found myself really starting to think - and to worry - about trying to conceive this last week or so. I know this will sound petty to the beautiful few of you who have been TTC for years, and havent yet been blessed.... but i'm trying to figure out when to stop taking the Pill to give myself the best chance of conceiving by the end of the year.

There is the notion that it takes a month or two for the hormones in the Pill to leave your system, so maybe i should stop it now - but then there is the advice i read that says you only have to miss one single, solitary little pill for your body to start ovulating, which means you could fall pregnant straight away. I tend to believe the later. Why? I was ON the Pill when i fell pregnant with Flynn. From memory i think i missed two pills one weekend ( i had gone to stay at Micks and forgot to take them with me ) and though we were "careful " i managed to fall pregnant in those two days. ( I think that is partly what upset my ex-best friend so much - she had, unbeknownst to me, been trying hard for a while to have a child with no success, and i'd done it with no intention, and at the drop of a hat ).

But thats the thing - i acknowledge that it was incredibly against the odds for me to fall pregnant after being unintentionally off the Pill for two days. I was ( even though it wasnt planned ) extremely lucky. Surely i cant be that lucky again, second time round? I cant just assume that because my body adjusted itself so quickly that time, that it will be able to do so again. I'm hoping that i can, staying on the Pill, have a period the last week in October, get married the first weekend in November, and then fall pregnant on my honeymoon, or by Christmas at the latest. Thats the dream scenario - no period craziness for my wedding and honeymoon, and pregnant within a two month window.

Am i reaching for the stars here? Am i going to be beyond devastated if it doesnt all fall into place so easily? I've been wanting another child for months now, been getting clucky ( and jealous ) for every woman i know who's fallen pregnant while i wait to fit into my wedding dress. I've watched Flynn cuddle a 4 week old baby, i've watched him stroke the babys fluffy head, and say softly " aww, baby ", and i've wanted for it to be us - for it to be mine and Micks baby, for it to be a baby brother or sister for my Flynny.

I guess all i can do is wait - 3 months for the wedding day ( and night! ) and who knows how long til i get two blue lines on that little plastic stick....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You Are My Sunshine

Without trying to sound too sappy - dont you just love the sun?
I've been feeling bogged down, weighed on heavily by worries and stresses for a good month or two - and after one weekend away and a few days of sunshine i'm feeling better. Lighter. Happier.
Pic from here
I can say with all certainty that the weather has definately played a part in my down-in-the-dumps mood. Some people would say that Seasonal Affective Disorder is a load of crap but i tend to think not. Not that i'm saying i would be officially diagnosed with S.A.D ( a mood disorder wherein the change in season - usually from warm to cold - affects the mood to the point of depression ) but i know that when i was living in New Jersey the long, cold, snowy winter did see me more homesick, more lonely, and more melancholy than usual. I longed for sunshine and summer, for the chance to go without sleeves, to walk on grass without shoes.... and when that warm, humid, breezy summer did come, i blossomed.

So my fingers are crossed that this mid-winter " heat wave " doesnt leave us for too long. I'm hankering for spring, for happiness, for long days that turn into nights around an outdoor dining suite with family and friends. This little sun seeker is just waiting to get her sunshine on....

How about you? Do you think S.A.D is a valid disorder, and do you ever feel adversely emotionally effected by the seasons?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Adventures In Fun

So you may have noticed that i've been missing in action from the blogosphere for few days. ( You didnt notice? Oh...ok. ) No, i havent had any mishaps like last weeks sprained ankle, nor have i given birth to anymore children ( which is what happened last time i had a prolonged absence from my blog ). No, no...nothing like that. So where have i been? I've just been on a long weekend with my beautiful boys....and having fun!

We packed our car up with what seemed like the entire contents of Flynns room ( clothes, nappies, toys, books... ) and one bag of our stuff and headed down to Sydney last Thursday lunchtime. Its at least 4 and half hours of driving, plus a half hour stop for a food/toilet break - which potentially meant a looooooooooooong trip with a toddler in the car. Lucky for us Flynn proved to be a good traveller, and only got really bored and whingey right towards the end of the trip ( although the kilometres and kilometres of roadworks across the Blue Mountains proved to be a good distraction, with all the excavators and bulldozers and trucks to draw his attention ).

Roadworks over the mountains ( pic from here )
As you do when you have a young family and not a lot of funds, you stay with family - we were very graciously hosted Mick's Aunty Kerry and his Uncle Mick ( and yes, quite often their was a bit of confusion about which " Mick " was being spoken to ). Aunty Kerry is the kind of host who cooks enough food to feed a hundred people, so i'm pretty sure i've stacked on at least 2 or 3 kilos in the last 5 days. She is also the kind of host who refuses to let you help with anything, so we end up being completely catered to for a few days, which was really nice.

What was also nice was being able to get out as a couple - Mick and I left Flynn with his great-aunt and great-uncle while we went to see Cirque Du Soleil's " Saltimbanco ".... which was awesome! We caught the train into Homebush and got to pretend we were teenage lovebirds - we held hands, and cuddled together on the train, and stopped for a coffee date before the performance. It was nice to be able to act like a couple, without having an (adorable) little person in tow. It was exactly the romantice date night i was hoping for (but didnt get ) a few weeks ago. Ah - the magic of the circus...

But its not like Mr Flynn got left out altogether. We managed to squeeze in some tenpin bowling - where Flynn got to have a turn, and where i kicked Micks arse twice; a spot of shopping at Penrith Westfield - where i scored 3 cute dresses at a great price, Mick got some much needed new hoodies, and Flynn got spoiled with books and plush " Hoot " toy; lots of running and jumping and digging and tricycle riding and playing with Mia the giant fluffy dog in Aunty Kerry's backyard; and even a shared ice cream or two. Plenty of fun stuff to keep an energetic 19 mth old amused!

And - aside from the Cirque Du Soleil - even though shopping and ten pin bowling and playing in the backyward is all stuff we can do at home... it WAS fun. It was nice to get out of town, to get away from the routine of our everyday lives and just be somewhere different for a few days. It was nice to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast instead of cereal; it was fun introducing Flynn to new experiences; it was good to catch up with family over a few drinks, and around a suprisingly warm outdoor heater. It just " was " and i enjoyed it.

Yay for Cityrail! ( Pic from here )
What about you? What did you get up to over the weekend? ( If you went to Blogopolis i'm sure you've already blogged it tho... )

P.S Please excuse the lack of original photos with this post. I did take my camera but kind of forgot to get it out most times....