Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Like An Australian Virgin

Do we really need politicians telling us what we should and shouldnt be doing with our sex lives? I only ask because in the past day we have had the leader of the Liberal party here in Australia saying that young women should remain virgins until theyre married. I mean i respect that he, just like everybody else, is allowed to express his opinion - but should politicians really be concerned with that kind of stuff when they could be worrying about roads and hospitals and schools and stuff ? And - should we care what they think ?

I think it is quite clear that i am NOT a virgin ( unless i'm like the second coming of Mary and my child is the second Immaculate Conception ). I am also NOT married ( yet ). So what is Tony Abbott, this aforementioned leader, think of me? Would he now think i'm some kind of whorish, slutty cretin ? Does the status of my virginity really speak to what kind of person i am ? I understand that he is the father of three teenage daughters and his opinion is probably based on what he would hope they are ( or arent, as it were ) doing - but then why has he directed this statement at all Australian women ? And - ahem - why wasnt it inclusive of Australian men?

He also admits to having " given up " his virginity before he was married so i want to ask why would he even bother publicly espousing this opinion when he cant even hold to the standard himself ? It reeks of hypocrisy, it opens him up to all kinds of criticism and i dont think its going to help him appeal to female voters anymore than he already does ( also being against abortion and gay marriage ). He already seems like he's on the very much conservative side, so giving an interview in a womens magazine where he decides he wants to tell women what to do with their bodies and sexuality only makes him less electable - to me anyways.

I suppose the politics of the man dont matter much to anyone who isnt an Australian voter - but what do you think ? Whatever your own opinions on the matter, do you think its right, or OK, for politicians to poke their noses into what is very much personal business or should they just stick to ( trying ) to run their countries?


  1. I don't really think that sex is something that should be talked about it politics. There are more important issues than who had sex before or after marriage, and who thinks what of abstinence.

  2. I don't think our sex lives have ANYTHING to do with politics - unless we're Monica Lewinsky!

    What a freaking hypcrite.

    But then, hypocrisy is apparently an inherent trait within politicians. Just saying.

  3. I think sex itself doesn't have to do with politics, but then again, politicians don't talk about sex and morality because of personal beliefs and desire for change. They do it because of a mixture of appeasing a voting bloc and creating a platform. It could just as easily be drinking, or drugs, or whatever.
    That guy knows he can't make losing your virginity before marriage illegal, but he also knows he can gain more votes by saying he's against it than he can by staying quiet and minding his own business.

    I, for one, side with you. To be frank, I've had problems with churches in the past shoving similar sentiments in my face, based on the decisions of church leaders of centuries ago (to say losing your virginity before marriage is directly addressed in the Bible is a misrepresentation along the lines of saying God is against gay marriage).

    And... that's about it.

  4. Oooh. Thank you for filling me in on Australian politics. Fascinating. :)

  5. By-the-way, tomorrow on my blog, you are getting a blog award. :)