Monday, July 16, 2012

Fifty Shades Of Should I Care?

Alright - so anyone who is anyone has either written a blog post, a Facebook status, or a Tweet about the " Fifty Shades " trilogy last week. I swear to you, everywhere i turn on the internet there it is, that " mummy porn " series that is supposedly titillating women everywhere. I, however, havent succumbed yet and i'll tell you why - everything i read, whether it be a professional review or just the opinion of one of my Facebook friends says that yes, its a little bit raunchy but that the writing is terrible. That the prose itself is not well written but that the erotic sex scenes make up for it. And i just cant bring myself to read something that is terribly written, no matter how sexy parts of it may be.

So does this make me a book snob? Am i really missing out because i cant bear to spend hours of my precious freetime trawling through pages of rotten prose? Am i one of these pretentious wannabe literary types who will only read " proper " literature, and not just any old pulp? Like i said, i only have a few precious hours a week free to just sit and read, and i just can bring myself to waste them on page after page of bad writing so i can read a few paragraphs about anal sex and BDSM. 

So - thoughts? Reviews? Should i read it, or shouldnt i ?


  1. I say read it. The writing isn't that bad...

  2. I have absolutely no interest in reading it. I think it sounds horrendous. And, to be honest, I'm really not that interested in sex scenes in books to start with, so why would I want to read a book that sounds like it's just one giant sex scene...

  3. I haven't read it either. I posted a link on my FB page to a very comical review of the book which basically claimed Christian was misogynitic and moronic and should not be held up as an ideal for anyone. I asked the same question you did and heaps of people were defending the book an saying Christian is more complex than that etc. Anyway, still haven't ben convinced to read it.

  4. I didnt mind the first book, but it is a badly written book. Maybe if you read it with extremely low expectations you might find it ok haha.

    Ultimately it is just another cheesy romance novel.

    Talitha xx