Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Moustache Be Gone!

We all know Movember was last month right? If you hadn't seen it all over social media, the abundance of men with patchy, scraggly mo's should have been a dead giveaway. And one of those moustachioed men was my hubby:

Oh yea - total porn star/ Chopper Reid/ motorcycle cop from the Village People. Whatever kind of moustache you think it looks like, you can't deny my fella can grow himself a good mo! Truth be told it didn't bother me all that much, but I can't say I was sorry to see at it go at the end of the month. And the end of the month - of November that is - also happens to be Micks birthday.

With the princess on his birthday.

And what does every good wife make for their husband in his birthday? Yes, of course - a birthday cake. So what better way to celebrate both a birthday and the end to stubbly, itchy, pash-rash kisses? Why with a cake like this of course!

To be quite frank, a moustache made of chocolate cake and sprinkles is the only kind I want anywhere near my mouth anytime soon!


  1. yeah I must admit, its a great cause, but the worst month for seeing guys with the sleaziest moustaches ever! So glad my hubby didnt partake haha.

    But I do love the moustache cake, is so cute :)

    Talitha xx

  2. That is a fabulous cake! I love it.

    Sadly when Mia was born last year, on the 23rd November, her uncle and Pop were both doing Movember. So for all of enternity their first pictures with their niece/granddaughter feature the most ridiculous mo's. Sigh.