Thursday, August 1, 2013

Over All? We Love Our Overalls!

So I completed one of the items on my ' looking forward to ' list. Oh yes, those right there are the overalls that I was looking forward to making for Tully. I had been gifted the fabric and had spent a bit of time Googling tutorials for girls overalls, and Pinning inspiration, so I took a leap, drafted a pattern from a pair of pants and a tank top that fit her, and that's what I came up with.

They aren't perfect - I've redrafted the pattern so that the pant legs come up higher over her waist, and the brace part is shaped differently ( and will be much neater inside! ) - but overall I think I did OK. For one thing they look cute, and furthermore they fit alright and Tully managed to crawl around all day in them without having them fall apart. I think I can call that a pass?

So that's one thing gone from the list - though I might replace it with ' looking forward to sewing some overalls from Tully - mach 2 ! '