Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not again

I have been reading up this afternoon, on Wikipedia ( good old Wikipedia ) on the definitions, symptoms, physicalities, what have you, of depression. Clinical depression, major depression, bipolar depression, unipolar depression, dysthmia and social anxiety disorder. And as much as i know it, it is not good for me to be filling my head with all that. But i can't seem to stop.

To make matters worse, i am having a fight ( for lack of a better term ) with my sister - she through a hissy fit for something i said in jest, but which happens to be the truth but she refuses to acknowledge, and she in turn through back an actual insult at me. She apparently does not understand the gravity of what she has said, nor how much it has hurt me or why. She has been texting me relentless for the past half hour, but i cant do this right now.

I just want to sleep.....


  1. turn off your phone, read a book and centre your thoughts elsewhere - her messages will be there some other time to deal with.

  2. I love you. Don't let this consume you.

    mwah. huge big cyber hug.