Monday, May 5, 2008

Things I Have Asked Myself Today

1. Why did not i wear sunscreen to the soccer yesterday ? Now my forehead and cheeks are ever so slightly sunburnt, i have a vague " racoon-y " thing going on from wear my sunglasses were and every time i scratch my forehead, it stings.

2. Why do the same horrible customers keep coming back to haunt me? Last week i had a phone call from a man, in regards to his glasses. During the course of the very one-sided conversation, said man - okay, now said bastard - made me cry. He made me cry last year too. He is a horrible, horrible, nasty person. And today a woman who told me i was a disgrace to my bosses business and that i was the rudest person she had ever met came back into my store, preceded to give me the evil eye but didnt say a word. To me, anyway - she thought it was okay to bad mouth me to a colleague.

3. Is it possible to learn to love a song again if it reminds you of someone that hurt you, or an event that didnt end so well? What i mean is, can you forgive a song for the memories it carries and learn to love again, simply because its a good song ? What if its a song that reminds you of someone you lost, or who broke your heart, or who ruined an important event ? But before this person or event you loved the song simply because it was great - can you love it again without the memories ruining it ? I think you can.

4. When is the best time to fill people in on a secret? Not a super huge secret i suppose, but i need to tell my work colleagues my diagnoses from the doctor. I dont want to dwell on it so much, or have them feel sorry for me, or whatever, but i will be needing to take regular time off to see doctors so i have to let them in on that. I've already told my immediate boss and she was very understanding, i just need to tell at least two others. All in good time... as long as its before the end of the week.

5. Why cant i have a nap in the middle afternoon ? Seriously, i could just roll out my yoga mat at work and have a cat nap under the desk. I've been yawning since 9am, the evil-eyed mean woman has been and gone and made me all nervous, and i have a headache. It feels as if a tiny little drummer is marching back and forth, from temple to temple, across my forehead and banging a huge stick againt the inside of my head. I'm sure if i could have a little sleep he would kindly piss off.

6. That is all. Yes, i know that isnt a question. You can stop reading now. Really.


  1. Hi Amy,

    There are many songs that are simply too traumatising to enter my ears. The opening bars are enough to send me into major league melancholia. I know where you're coming from on that one. Happy that you can love them again. I've got many CD's pushed to the back of the cupboard that won't see the light of day for a while yet. Shame huh?

    P.S. Really enjoying your blog! ;-)

  2. Why, welcome new reader!

    And yes, it is a shame if you cant bring yourself to even hear teh first few strains of a great song... though, that being said, there are some particular songs that i love, and will listen to, even if they cause tears to stream down my face...

  3. I love you, Amy. You are absolutely super duper.

    I'm biased of course. :)