Monday, August 4, 2008

Wholeheartedly, I'm Grateful....

So i have had another productive day - cancelled my telephone service, cancelled my gas service, redirected my mail - in regards to moving house. And i know packing up your crap into boxes and running errands isnt exactly exciting but being productive, achieveing even on a small scale, puts a smile on my face. You know what else puts a smile on my face ? Testimonials like this :

Amy, you are a precious jewel, sparkling brightly out of a box of paste blogs. You are the real deal. Genuine and true. You craft words with an artist's eye. Your talent for writing is a gift you use with such natural ease, that you ought to make it your vocation in life. You are a sweet and beautiful person, generous with your compliments and encouragement, you know how to make people smile. Determined and strong, you lead by example, and have wisdom beyond your youthful years. You are inspirational.....and you're a hot chic with a wicked sense of humour!

In case you were wondering, that was written by the wonderful Steph on her insightful and very entertaining blog " The Panic Room " . This was in response to a meme i challenged her to which required her to say something nice about the person who sent the challenge ( namely, well, me ).

And, now,my turn to say thank you. Sincerely. A huge thank you to you Steph because i think you understand better than most of my readers just how much kind words can mean. I read those words whilst having a lunch break from packing, and it seriously almost brought tears to my eyes. Those few sentences are almost the most beautiful compliment that anyone has ever paid me and the fact that it came from someone i know only through this wonderful invention called the "internet" means a lot. It means that something of me, something of who I am and who i am trying to be, is shining through in my words.

Thats my whole aim here - to share who I really am. I know that sounds all mushy and frankly, kind of fake, but its the truth - there are things i confess to here that i dont tell anyone in my real life, usually for fear of ridicule or just that peculiar funny look people give you when they know you're innermost secrets. Isnt it funny that I, that we as a collective of bloggers, dont mind giving of our secret selves to a handful ( or few million.... ) of strangers, yet some of us cant even fathom cluing our nearest and dearest into the sordid details ? But its oddly comforting to me that some random person in some random place can know my thoughts, that things can be off my chest and floating around in cyber space instead of clogging me up, instead of giving me emotional constipation ( as opposed to verbal diarrhea, which is what i usually have ).

So thank you - yes, YOU - anybody and everybody who is reading this, no matter who or where you are, for sharing and for taking on board all my emotional, pyschological and sometimes egotisitical ramblings. Muchos gracias, muchos.....


  1. Wow Amy! That testimonial is incredible - what a lovely thing to receive :) For the record, I'm also loving reading along with your ramblings. Enjoy seeing your blog pop up in my Reader every few days! x

  2. praise from caesar is praise indeed.

  3. Indeed. Whomever you are.....

    Oh, and thanks Em!

  4. what a confidence booster! something like that would make me go very red and bashful.