Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are your teeth still sick ?

I really, really, hate throwing up. I have no idea how bulimics do it - i hate the spasms, the sore throat and the lingering feeling of nausea. Lets face it, throwing up is just not pleasant. Neither is knowing that the three kinds of medications you're on are the cause of the nausea, so in order to keep yourself free of bacteria and infection and whatever else, you have to walk around in a constant state of feeling sea-sick.

Oh, yea - guess who i'm talking about ?

But i'm back to work tomorrow. I'm not particularly looking forward to it - because i dont particularly fancy sitting at my desk with my stomach in a knot - especially seeing as i have to go in early for a conference call. During which everyone will ask how i'm feeling and i'll have to grit my teeth and go " Yea, i'm doing fine ", rather than admit i'd prefer to be at home asleep. The doctor did give me a week off, so technically i dont have to be going back, but i kind of feel bad leaving J a little in the lurch. Plus, its J's birthday tomorrow and i have her present in my handbag - i dont want to have poor J working on her lonesome on her birthday. How depressing!

Speaking of birthdays, it was my adorable little neices birthday today. She turned the big number 3 ( or " I'm this many " as she'd say, holding up three fingers.... ) and she got one of the best presents any child could ask for - a trampoline! She's really excited now that she has her own. We have one here at " Poppy's " house, but now she has one in her own backyard she can bounce away to her little hearts content. She was also impressed with the cute little shirt dress i bought her, and the cd player one of her other aunties bought ( " Its for moozik! Mum, its a moozik thing! " ). Kudos to my sister-in-law for the cute little cupcakes she made.

And now, on to tomorrow. Or at least, on with the show of trying to keep my stomach from turning inside out....


  1. Just like the BEATLES sang, when you get sick, "I Want to Hold Your Hand."
    (See, I'm atoning. There is more atonement here than in a full-length Keira Knightley movie).

  2. I always say, I'd rather take 4 midterms in a row than throw up once.


  3. Ah yes, the most diabolically brilliant contraption known to children, the irresistable trampoline. They're fun for a while. until of course your cousin bounces into on coming traffic, or your little sister breaks her arm, or you get your little leg caught in between the springs, simultaneously crushing your recently dropped testicles and giving you the worst burn up your leg ever. Ahhh, the memories . . . . .

  4. harsh poopie, the child is only 3!!!!

    and i can imagine the small person's excitement amy. I love seeing small people get excited. Nothing can break them...

  5. Oh, well at three they're still pretty soft and bouncy, and can't jump too high. So, damage isn't too likely. Once they hit 6 or so, they're like little bottle rockets.

  6. Well arent i popular with the lads this post ?

    @Andy - aww bless your little heart. If you could find me a combo of pain killers and antibiotics that doesnt make me feel ill, that would help too.

    @So - yep, soooo many things i'd rather be doing.

    @Mr Poopie - i know what your talking about. My brother landed with one leg either side of the springs and hurt his, ahem, boy parts, and my sister kind of bounced a bit out of control, smacked her face on the outside bar and put her bottom tooth through her front lip.

    @Dash - yea, it was cute how she was so excited. Even cuter was that she was convinced Santa brought her the trampoline. Slightly confused, but cute...

  7. Throwing up is my absolute, 100% LEAST favorite. Poor thing! I hope you're feeling better.