Friday, February 6, 2009

The Great Cosmic Joke

Oh life - you never fail to amuse me.

You'll excuse my lack of posting, but its just been one of those weeks. Sure, its been kind of crazy-hectic at work, but its been good mostly - even kind of great. Wednesday in particular was a really good day. Nothing spectacularly exciting happened, it was just one of those days where for some seemingly inexplicable reason you just feel satsified and contented with whats happening in your life. I had to work on my own in the dispensary because J was sick, but i really enjoyed my day alone and felt like I got a lot done; all the customers i dealt with were really nice and one of them even told me i gave her the best customer service she'd had in a long time; I went to the gym and put in a good half hour of cardio on my quest to lose the inches; and i finished " Perfume: The Story of a Murderer ", and it was good. ( I may even hire the movie version, just to compare ). To be quite honest, i nestled down into my pillows at the end of Wednesday night with a smile on my face ( until i realised it was too and sticky to actually to get to sleep anytime soon).

And then Thursday ..... Thursday morning was a pile of crud. Seriously. Thursday morning was like the polar opposite of Wednesday - i had a guy come in for an ( admittedly ) difficult repair and i ended up wrecking more of his frame than what he needed repaired in the first place; I took a phone call from a really annoying customer, the kind who wants to complain about everything, because she felt she was owed a refund; and i kept making stupid little mistakes with my paperwork. Argh! It got to the point where i kind of lost it. I squatted down to pick up some loose paper of the floor to throw in the garbage and i all of a sudden just burst into laughter. You know that scene in the movies where the maniac is all done up in the straight jacket, bolted into their cell in the mental institution and they just start laughing ? That crazy, weird, maniacal laughter ? Oh yea - that was me. J looked at me like i'd finally cracked and all i could do is look at her, tears streaming down my face and say " Oh J.... this whole morning has been one big turd! ". Which only made her roar with laughter too.

And why was i laughing ? Because life is just so weird, so random. Its like the Universe had to even me out - if i'd had one really good day, i had to have something crappy the next day so i could stay on an even keel. Like the Universe was playing some odd kind of joke. And that amuses me. What else amused me was that after having this huge, crazy belly laugh - which, by the end, was the kind where you have tear stained cheeks and are kind of out of breath - i felt good again.

It was kind of one of those situations where you have to laugh to save from crying, you know ?


  1. YAY, you had a Fuck it moment!!!! Sometimes the world will do things so retarded that your just left scratching your head.
    And double YAY for mee couse I got to hear about your shity customers. Ever since Married with children went away, Your the best amusement I have!!

  2. But more importantly - am i Ed or am i Peggy ?