Friday, February 13, 2009

More Cosmic Weirdness

Oh Universe - what in the boojesus kind of game are you playing ?

Today is Friday the 13th of February ( ooh, Friday the 13th...spooky ), the day before Valentines Day, and i had a single red rose delivered to me at work. Guess who it was from ? Average Joe. What ?!? I went one one date with him, 3 months ago, and he send me a rose for Valentines Day. I also had an email from him earlier in the week, saying he would love nothing more than to take me out again. 3 months after our first date.
And did i mention he sent me a rose ?

Don't get me wrong - i thought it was sweet, and very flattering, and i sent him a message telling me so. But what am i supposed to do now ? I'm 90% sure i still dont want to go on a second date with him, but now that he's forked out for a rose, on the most expensive flower-sending day of the year, i feel kind of obliged to see him again. But so much has time has passed, and various unanswered emails have been exchanged between both of us ( meaning i have sent a few he didnt answer aswell ).... a date now would be majorly weird, wouldnt it ? There'd be crazy awkward pauses in conversation, and eventually he'd want an expanded explanation of what i really thought of our first date. I dont want to put myself through that do I ? But then again, the poor guy was apparently kind-of, sort-of crushing on me big-time. Maybe i owe him another chance ? Maybe he's seeing something i just cant.

But here is the second part of my dilemma: i have recently started communicating with another guy, still kind of tentatively, but he seems really sweet. Should i now put off meeting up with this guy for a casual coffee or something, just so i can give Average Joe a second chance ? And why is it this all becoming weirdly complicated on the eve of Valentines Day, when i was perfecly resigned to staying in by myself and watching a Clive Owen film ( mmm...Clive Owen... )?

So i guess it all comes down to a handful of questions :
1. What is the Universe playing at ?
2. What should i do about Average Joe ?
3. Is Average Joe a stalker ?

Help me people, this is so not within the realm of my experience!


  1. leave average joe out of it. if you ask me, he's having a big old attack of "i'm alone for valentine's day". go for the new guy.

  2. awww that's pretty sweet. and who says you can't date two dudes at once? ;)

  3. Whilst I agree with Lump about having your cake and eating it to, what the hell good is Triple fidge dutch chocolate cake with macadamia nuts and coconut frosting, If you hate coconuts?
    He sounds lonely, give the new guy a shot. Why settle for someone who is not your cup of tea?

  4. P.s. Happy Valentines Day, or I should say VD!

  5. Okay, well i'll be late on this one now since Valentines Day is probably over in your neck of the woods, but hope you came to the right decision!