Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Itchy and Scratchy Show

No, not the famed cat and mouse show-within-a-show. Nope, this one is starring me, and my dry, pregnant skin. I'm itching people, and its driving me nuts.

I did a little Googling, checked my favourite pregnancy website ( , if anyone else finds themselves pregnant ) and i found out that itching skin in pregnancy is not uncommon. Apparently, around 20% of women find there skin becomes more sensitive and they experience a generalised itching that they havent had before, which becomes worse in winter ( when dry skin is already an issue ). Which is little comfort really.

Here's the scenario: the sensation comes and goes but i'm finding myself itchy all over my legs and stomach, and even up on my chest. And its an itch i just cant scratch! I cant get comfortable at home, or find myself needing to scratch inappropriate times in public. I checked with a pharmacist ( who also happens to be a yoga teacher.... ) and she recommended i get something completely natural so its safe for the baby, so after some consultation with a naturopath i've come home with goats milk soap and moisturiser. I'll give it a few days and see how it goes.... otherwise my next alternative is either some natural oils that smells like rotting vegetation, or scratching my skin right off. Neither ones of those sounds particularly appealing.

So - anyone have any remedies they wana share ? Any particular utensils you can recommend for maximum scratch relief ? Any help would be appreciated people....


  1. This is not a joke. My sister used head and shoulders for her soap. Not just shampoo. It actually worked for her. And I have tried it myself and it worked for me too. Use the dry scalp fourmula, and you will feel better in like 2 to 3 days. Plus it smells way better than rotten vegitation.

  2. Wow Snuffy - i had not read that one anywhere. So many women have tried so much weird stuff - one lady i read about swears Mylanta works, one swears by ice cold baths - but i've never heard of the whole head and shoulders trick.

    If the goats milk doesnt work, i'll give the shampoo a shot. Thanks buddy!

  3. This is Sheena btw. My stipid blackberry won't lemme sign into blogger as SheBee.

    Comment as follows:

    Oh em gee, this happened to me with Kiera too.

    Dunno if you get it in Ozland, but I lathered myself up with Bio Oil after long hot baths.

    Ps: I'm totally still getting "WHAT THE FUCK, SHES PREGNANT?!" Vibes for at least a split second every time I click onto your blog :)

    Love you long time my FLL xx

  4. And by stipid, I OBVIOUSLY mean "stupid". Like me, for example.

    Ah, meh! Its 3am here.