Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kids These Days - Whats Up With Them ?

This is going to make me sound soooooooo old, but: what the hell is wrong with kids these days ? Seriously ?

I'm only 25 years old myself so i'm not quite over the hill yet but i just cant understand the behaviour of (some) teenagers these days. In the last few weeks i've seen a handful of programmes which have revolved around the bad behaviour of teens/young adults and how to set them straight, and i'm horrified to say i'm totally on the side of the " fuddy-duddy " parents. The kids featured in these programmes are absolute little asshats and if they were my kids they would have received a sharp clip in the ear ( or worse... ) a long time ago.

For example, i've been been watching this show called " Worlds Strictest Parents ". Its kind of in the same vein as MTV's " Exiled " ( is that what its called ? The one where the SWeet 16 brats get carted off to foreign villages for a week ? ) - two obnoxious, pain-in-the-arse teenagers from seperate families get flown from Australia to live with a new family, with stricter parents, in some other part of thye world. In the first two weeks we've had a pair sent to a hardline Christian family in middle America, and another pair sent to live with a discliplined family in South Africa ...... and only one kid has come away with any significant change in attitude.

The female " participant " last night was so spoiled i wished i could have reached through the tv and slapped her. She told the cameras she only likes one type of pasta and she'll cry and refuse to eat her meal if its not the right stuff. SHE'S 17 YEARS OLD FOR GOD'S SAKE! 17 years old and she admits to throwing a tantrum over pasta..... and she thinks thats ok!?! She reminded her parents she'd be expecting a present on her return, cried because her new " mum " picked on her by making her eat peas, threw a massive tantrum when she was punished for lying to a teacher at school, and then told her parents that her host family were horrible and cruel and " gross " when she finally made it back to Australia.

What a spoiled, brain dead, little biatch. How did her parents let her get like that ?

Its not just me though is it - i cant be the only person my age, the only person in the upper bracket of my generation, who is alarmed by the behaviour exhibited by some of my younger peers ? PLease tell me i'm not prematurely old and that at least one of you agrees!


  1. No, I think you're right on this one. The bigger question is, were we like that as teenagers? I'd like to say no, but then again, it's not like teenagers today instantly got a lot crazier. It had to at least be a gradual increase in craziness.

    P.S. I loved this: "absolute little asshats"

  2. Hell no I'm with you, and I'm 23.

    I can't watch 'My super sweet 16' anymore - I made it through 3 episodes then caught myself daydreaming about heading to the States to track those girls down and give them something to cry about.

    Interesting thought though... on 'The Simple Life', Nicole Richie was pretty much as bad as those pampered princesses and check her out now - settled down, 2nd kiddie on the way... pretty impressive turnaround.

  3. The moral of the story;
    1. Beat your kid. Daily at that.
    2. Remind your kid that if they act up, they get beat twice.
    3. Beat your kid.
    On a side note, if you have the noisy little shit head at the cafe tat screams and does'nt shut up. You should recieve the beating for ruining my night out.
    Other good things to help raise an outstanding and productive member of society...Tell them you drink because they cry! I can't wait to have a child. I NEED to say these words!!!!
    Have a good one friend.