Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello Up There!

Dear God/Universe/Who Or Whatever Is In Control Of These Things,

What the hell is up with the weather lately?

By lunchtime today the temperature here in DubVegas was only 18 decrees Celsius. 18 freaking degrees, in the middle of summer! That is just beyond ridiculous.... that has to be at least 15 degrees cooler than normal summer temperatures. We had to turn the heating/cooling system off in the office because 3 of us had goosebumps and i was pretty sure if my fingertips got much colder they might have dropped off!

So what the crap is going on Mother Nature? You need to get your act together and give me some reasonable summer temperatures so that i can wear summer dresses, and swim, and get out in the sunshine while i still can. We're taking Flynn to the beach in Februray and it will be his first time seeing the ocean. If its too cold for him to swim i will be one very unhappy camper!

Yours Truely,
Amy ( a January born water baby. Who loves summer and HATES the cold! )


  1. Tell me about it! It was a not too shabby 24 degrees here today but when we were in Best & Less, I noticed they are stocking a shelf or two of kids winter clothing - In the middle of Summer! Say whaaaaat? x

  2. Dear Amy, have our Summer! It's SO freakin' hot here. Love Suger. xox

  3. Ok, so we're in the middle of winter but it's a little strange here too. It goes from freezing, to mild (to the degree that I actually had washing on the line. In January!!) and then back to freezing again. Hope it gets better for you soon!

  4. From another January baby, who normally loves the cold - I am not too keen on this weather either, Ida has swimming lessons and I decided that it was just tooo cold yesterday. Maybe today will be better.

  5. Exactly, um hello - we live here because we like the heat, please come back.