Monday, January 23, 2012

Mama Makeover Time

So.... i've decided that 2012 is my year, gawd damn it! Seeing that there are many things coming together for me and my family, and that the wedding is well and truely over, I decided that it was time for a little makeover. Nothing too crazy, nothing too way out - just a bit of a shine and polish if you will. And what better time to do it than for my 28th birthday? So Saturday morning, the day before my birthday i went off to have my hair " did " - a new cut and a bit of colour is exactly what i needed to kick start my "new year, new me " campaign.
Lets take a look at the "before " me:
Oh yea - so NOT sexilicious! Plain dark brown hair, just past shoulder length, long enough that when i'm feeling lazy ( which is 99% of the time ) i can just chuck it up in a ponytail. Oh, and as you may have noticed, zero makeup. Au naturel bathroom mirror shot baby!

And, a few hours later, the " after " :
Better! A sleek bob which pretty much only needs a straightener run through it and, though you cant really tell in the bathroom light, its had a chilli red colour put through it. A bit of makeup - including lippie! - and i was ready to go out of for dinner with my boys. This is what i wore:

So the pic isn't all that awesome, so apologies for that. But there I am with my sleek new hair in one of my favourite simple dresses in navy blue ( $10 from SES! ) and my gorgeous cage heels courtesy of my generous Dad.

So - what do we think? Worth the money i forked out at the hairdressers or what?


  1. Absolutely. You look fantastic, I love the new do.

  2. Love it! So totally worth the money!

  3. Looks great! A good haircut can do such wonders for both your look and your confidence :)

  4. You look great! It's amazing how good a makeover can make you feel :)

  5. Looks fantastic Amy! That colour really suits you, and I love a sleek bob!

  6. Great hair makeover! YOu just need to get a pic in the sunshine for the red to pop :)

    Looking gorgeous

    Talitha xx

  7. You look gorgeous! I love the hair, definitely worth the money. Really pretty Amy :-)

  8. oohhh! It looks great!! I always feel fab when I walk out of the salon! :)