Friday, January 6, 2012

Taking Care Of Business

So the first week of running our new business has been .... interesting. There have been a few tanties thrown, a bit of crying, one " i cant do this! " and a whole lot of phone calls for help.

Its not that anything is overly hard, as such - its just that for me, EVERYTHING is new, and though Mick may be an old hand at the physical aspect of running the business, he's never had to do it all by himself. Which means ( as i expected ) that this week has been a little tricky for each of us. Like i said, Mick has been running around town doing all the physical stuff on his own ( though i did give him a hand on Wednesday morning, not that i did it very successfully ) and i have been doing the "paperwork " of an evening when he gets home.

He apologised to me last night because it seems, to him, "so hard ". But its not hard, just time consuming - all i am doing at the moment is basic MYOB data entry, its just that i dont know delivery prices for thngs yet, or the correct address for every customer, or what the hell half the stuff we deliver some days even is! So i have to keep referring back to the notes the precious owners generously made for me, or calling someone who might have a better idea. Plus, i have to set customers up in the system as we sell to them, so i have to do that before i can register a sale. Suffice to say ( without going into further very boring detail ) all that takes a while.

But its all good. Mick seems to be stressing a bit, but i'm keeping my head up and knowing that this is only the first week - check back with us at the end of the first month and we'll be much more comfortable. Plus, as time-consuming as it may be to learn now, getting a handle on how our business is run, and then being able to run it the way that works for us will benefit our family for years to come. We need to forget the first week jitters and concentrate on how good it will be in a year, or 5 years or 10. Onwards and upwards i say!


  1. I wish you all the luck in the world!! My husband and I started a side business last year that is related to his field of work! Suffice to say, it took a great deal of time (and stress) for me to get a handle on things - there are some things I still don't understand!! It was frustrating because he just knew stuff and assumed it was common knowledge! Lol but all good now.Whilst I can't do everything yet, we have a good handle on things. Hang in there xx

  2. Oh it sounds so interesting! It must feel so accomplishing each time you get something 'right' or know something off the bat.

    I can't wait to hear more about it.

  3. Once you guys get into the swing of things, it'll probably be a lot less stressful. I hope week two goes off without a hitch!

  4. It will all settle. Take a deep breath and keep on reminding yourself its for the greater good!!

  5. It will settle but the first week or so it bound to be stressful! Keep going, it sounds like you're doing really well already!