Sunday, September 16, 2012

Four Weeks

Its hard to believe that our little Tully Bee is already four weeks old - and also to believe that i havent posted here for almost three weeks! Truth be told i have wanted to post, and have had the urge to write, but my best ideas have struck at 3am when i'm breastfeeding Tully and i just dont have the patience to type out a blog post, on a tablet device, using only one hand...

But i'm here now, and i'm happy to say that its pretty much all good. Tully is proving to be a pretty chilled out, laidback little lady, certainly in comparison to how Flynn was at the same age. For one thing, she sleeps sooooooooo much better than Flynn did - i consider a " bad night " when she wakes twice, as on average she has only been waking the once, feeding for an hour, and then drifting back to sleep whilst she finishes her feed ( which means i can pop her straight back into her cot and head back to bed myself ). She's a hungry little milk pig and if there has been anything we have struggled with its been my milk supply. Tully is being mixed fed as my supply is much lower than it was with Flynn ( probably due to the extra stress of two kids and running a business ) and though at first i was reluctant to give her a bottle or two of formula a day i figured - very quickly - that " fed is best " and now my bubba girl is gaining weight and content after a feed. The majority of feeds are still breastfeeds and i'm enjoying the moments we have together, especially the one or two night feeds when its nice and quiet and un(toddler)interrupted...

Flynn is still in love with his sister - most mornings he'll greet her with a " Good morning Tully! " or my personal favourite " Hello my beautiful pumpkin! " ( which he copied from Daddy ). He constantly wants to kiss her or hug her or touch her hair, which i admit i find incredibly cute, except of course when a hug turns into him almost squeezing her to death or a pat on the head is more like a smack. He does go a bit overboard and get a bit rough sometimes, or a bit grumpy at a lack of immediate attention and he might try and bop her one, but so far he's been caught red handed everytime and told that that kind of behaviour is just not on. Speaking of behaviour, Flynn sookiness (as a way of getting attention ) continues but we're hoping if we refuse to acknowledge demands when he's being whiney, and instead wait until he can ask in a " nice " voice he might outgrow the whingeness soon. Right?!

This raising two children gig is going pretty well though, thus far. I havent had too many meltdowns yet, and though i get frusturated by one or the other of them from to time to i've found that overwhelming feeling of love and contentment far more common. Hell, i even found myself smiling away in the dark at 4am a few days ok, completely in awe of awesome my children and my husband are... and you know that isnt the pregnancy hormones talking, 4 weeks post birth!


  1. So glad to hear its all been going well Amy, I've been thinking about you and checking the blog every other day to see if there was an update, I'm so happy you're all well and Miss Tully is being a good bubba for her Mumma. She is just so sweet and has gotten even cuter if that's possible! I love that pic of her and Flynn, gorgeous!

  2. Now I could copy and paste this post as my own. My Flynn is also a little challenging and a little rough with miss Annie, and I'm also comp feeding but I have had supply issues with all 3 of my babies. It sounds like you are overall very content and that's just great to hear.

  3. It sounds like things are ticking along nicely Amy and that's great to hear. You are so right with the 'fed is best' approach, we beat ourselves up so much when it comes to feeding but as long as they're fed and everyone is happy then that's the two main points covered!

  4. man the time just flies once you have kids. people always told me that, but until you're actually experiencing it, you don't get it!