Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Learning To Fit In

Or, I should say, learning hot to fit HER in. Her as in Tully - she's 11 days old today and we've been home from hospital for just over a week. Its been 8 days of Mick, Flynn and I working out how Tully fits into our little family, of the when's and where's of how she needs to do things, and of teaching Flynn how to treat her and how to cope when he can't be put first all the time.

Chilling out in her swing....

So far, things are going pretty well. Yes, we're still in the throes of learning how to breastfeed together, so there are long periods of cluster feeding, or that point  in the early hours of the morning where I wish Mick had boobs, but that's OK. Tully is proving to already be a much better day sleeper than her brother ever was ( and fingers crossed it stays that way!) and on the days Flynn is at home he is proving to be a very handy 'big boy helper '. He's still very much besotted with his sister and loves kissing her or touching her hair every chance he gets, or getting right up close and chatting to her when she's having awake time.

Hey Mum!

Mick and I are also working on how to best share the load. Its tricky because I know, being a professional driver, he really needs his sleep for work so I try not to disturb him during the night, but he has  started getting up with Flynn in the mornings and getting him ready, and letting me catch an extra hour of sleep before he leaves for work. 

This whole new baby thing is a but if a process, but we'll make it in the end! 


  1. She is such a little cutie! Glad to hear you're settling in well and Flynn is still enjoying having a sister. I'm sure in a few months time when she starts stealing his toys he might have a few other things to say to her, Lol!

  2. Oh congratulations darling girl! Tully is just amazingly divine x

  3. Oh look at her!! She's precious!! I've been wondering if you had her while I was away. My computer broke and I was unable to read. Now I'm back and she's here. Beautiful! Congrats!!