Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Pretty Pumpkin

Did i mention previously that Flynn calls Tully his " pumpkin " ? Just like Daddy does? My boys are so in love with her its not funny! And why wouldnt you be? Turns out our girl, even though everyone mentions how much she looks like her brother, is quite the gorgeous girl, or at least i think so. My good friend Ann Maree from Speaking One Thousand Words Photography ( find her on Facebook! ) took some photos of Tully for us and i have to say our pumpkin does ok in the " photogenic " category....

Isnt she the cutest cross-eyed thing you've ever seen?

Loving her chubba bubba baby rolls...

This is my absolute favourite!

A pretty little flower child

Sleeping soundly - which you can tell she didnt do much of, seeing as the rest of the photos she has her eyes wide open!


  1. Oh my gosh that third photo is just divine! She is beautiful. And so is sibling love, the little pumpkin, so sweet!

  2. She is just gorgeous! Gorgeous! And I love the cross-eyes! There is just something about a cute baby pic with something slightly off that I love! I have so many of Mia like that. And how cute that Flynn calls her Pumpkin. You must be in heaven right now!

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