Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On The Horizon - Things I'm Looking Forward To In The Next Month

  • 1. Making Tully a pair of overalls - i was gifted some corduroy leftovers and rather than make a dress or a pinafore, i decided i'd like to try my hand at something a little trickier. I've surfed Pinterest, read some tutorials and i have drafted my own (basic) pattern. My fingers are crossed that i might get enough time this week while Flynn is at daycare to get creative.

    2. A date with my husband - there is no calendar date set for this one but sometime in the next month i'd like to go out for a nice Thai dinner with my husband, sans children. I even have a cute new skirt to wear, courtesy of Kirsty at Obsessive Creative Design, via the competition i won a month or two back over at Little Old Souls :)

    3. Tully's 1st birthday - i know, i know... you cant believe she's almost one! Neither can I, but the fact remains that our cheeky little baby-woman is turning one in Tminus 27 days. There will be no huge party, but there will definitely be birthday cake, which means i best get cracking and come up with something cute and memorable for her first special day.

    4. A bank holiday on August the 5th - which doubles as the 'picnic day ' for my company. And that, my friends, means a day off from work with kids still booked into daycare.... which means a whole day to myself. It may sound a little selfish but i'm very much looking forward to a whole day of reading, sewing, watching a movie, taking a nap, exactly when i want to and without interruption.

    5. A photo shoot for Tullys birthday - we're doing what is known as a 'cake smash ', which is going to be a) unbelievably cute and b) just a bit fun because the photographer is a good friend of mine. Plus, my baby girl is quite the piggy-guts so i'm sure she'll have no problem smashing the cake up for eating!


  1. Awesome goals! Especially date night and a day to yourself. I don't think that sounds selfish at all, it's practically required!

    And you're right, can't believe Miss Tully is almost 1! Where has that year gone??? Can't wait to see the pics of her cake smash, I bet it will be fantastic!

  2. Seriously.... did you not only give birth to her like two months ago??? How time flies!

  3. I like your goal number 2 and 4! I did number 2 yesterday, look forward to achieve the goal number 4 soon!