Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rickshaws rock!

Well its been a tiring journey making it all the way over ( bloody stop overs..... ) but i have arrived safe and sound in Hanoi, Vietnam. As yet i havent exactly done much - i arrived just after lunch local time and seeing as i couldnt quite manged to get much sleep on any of my plane journeys, i took me a nap. Sort of.... it wasnt exactly the best nap ever but it was sleep.

I have, however, been out and about getting lost in the neighbourhood surrounding my hotel. And, let me assure, you getting lost was completely my plan. Its my firm belief that just going where your gut takes you, getting in and mixing with the crowd, is the best way to discover things you never knew existed. Plus, then you have that excuse for when you want to take a ride in a rickshaw - which, by the way, i am totally buying for myself. All i have to do now is find somehow back in DubVegas who'll be willing to drive me around in it......

1 comment:

  1. we have rickshaws here too on Durban beach front...

    yay! i'm having fun with you right now!