Monday, February 11, 2008

Chin up, old chap

Quick note - i am ridiculously embarrassed and feel like a failure. Kind of.

I went to the gym yesterday morning, i rolled out of bed an hour and half earlier than i normally would, and kept an appointment with one of the trainers so that we could set up a program and she could show me how to use the equipment properly.We were going well - i showed i could handle an incline on the treadmill, and the reverse leg curl machine wasnt as scary as she made it sound and then what happens ? I go pale white, and have to run to the bathroom to throw up.

I am not one of the BIggest Losers - i do not have incredible amounts of weight to lose, nor am i being thrown into hard exercise for the first time. But, for some reason, my body decided to fail me, and make me feel like a failure aswell. The trainer was lovely about it - she took my blood pressure, which happened to be 100/40, which apparently is not good at all - but i am left wondering if she thinks me weak.

No matter - i went home, at some more breakfast, had a shower, and went to work - and got on with it. I thought " I can feel miserable and sick all day, or i can suck it up and carry on ". So i did - down a girl at work, i did everything on my own, efficiently, and i felt good for it. Tonight, i will go to the gym and i will push myself hard and i will prove that i CAN do it without fainting like some loverlorn Scarlett O'Hara.

And i will keep this positive veiwpoint up, as long as i can...


  1. its not your failure at all. but perhaps the day before your fluids weren't at their normal levels, maybe you had no fuel / food for your body to burn.

    if you fluids are downso will be your blood pressure. if your bnody is pumping acid into your stomach in preparation to burn food that isn't there, you're pretty likely to throw up.

    Don't worry chook, everyone has bad days - look at that stupid woman who was rowing in the olympics and just stopped...

  2. awe hun! don't worry about it at all!!! it's quite possible that your body was having an off day, or that it wanted you to stop cause you hadn't eaten breakfast yet...there was nothing to burn.

    Plus, since your blood pressure was all weird, it's quite possible that this is what caused it. Don't worry sweety, smile and wave at the world. At least you're trying which is a hell of a lot more than most of the people around you:-)

  3. SvD - thanks little buddy! Plus, i like that you're back to calling me " chook " - ah, such a term of endearment.

    Ruby - thanks for your support. Yea, thought i might get off my lazy arse and try for once, might actullay make a difference.... :)