Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tag, you're it!

And so, i've been tagged. Thanks Ruby! As i understand it, i am supposed to tell you all seven random and/or unknown things about myself, and then tag seven other bloggers. However, seeing as i dont know seven other bloggers who havent already been tagged, i'll just complete the first half of the challenge. Here goes:

1. My favourite pair of shoes that i own are red, mock-croc skin stilettos. I bough them at Marshall's in Watchung, New Jersey. Whenever i wear them, i instantly feel sexier.

2. I was the dux of my primary school. For any of you who do not use the term " dux " it means roughly the same as valedictorian - basically, i had the highest test scores overall of my gradutaing primary school class. Yep, i was once a smart little cookie. My name is engraved on a plaque which still hangs in the administration office of my primary school.

3. My favourite film of all time is " The Crow ", starring Brandon Lee. I have a talking doll ( or action figure, if you prefer ) of the main character, Eric Draven, and its only once ever been taken out of the box. IT doesnt talk anymore, but it shares pride of place ontop of my bookcase next to my stuffed Jack Skellington from " The Nightmare Before Christmas ".

4. My short term life goal is to have visited at least one country on every continent before i turn 30. Not including Antarctica - i dont like the cold and i can see penguins on " Happy Feet ". I'm already half way to achieving my goal - i live in Australia, haved lived and worked in the USA, and have visited countires in both South America and Asia. Look out Africa and Europe - i'm headed your way in the next 6 years!

5. I only have six points of a possible 12 points left on my drivers licence. This shits me. I dont think i'm that bad of a driver, but you know, you get caught doing the wrong things ( not blatantly mind you ) and you get punished for it. Run a red light ( i was actually trying to beat the yellow - apparently i didnt quite make it ) and it will cost you $305 and 3 points; get caught doing 70km/h in a 50km/h zone ( quite by accident - i was 100m from where the speed zone changed to 80km/h and i guess i just geared up too early ) and it will cost you $79 and 3 points. Two more indescretions and i am a cooked goose - without a licence.

6. I cannot stand the smell of butter, or milk if i were forced to drink it. If you held a spoonful of butter, or a glass full of milk under my nose and made me inhale, i would gag and quite possiblt throw up. I dont eat either of those things unless they're mixed into something else.

7.I am listed in my sixth grade yearbook as wanting to be a paediatrican. What a noble idea. I guess it was nice in theory as an 11yr old but now? I still love kids, wouldnt mind helping people, but being sick is gross and i couldnt handle the blood and guts and icky stuff. As a kindergartener i wanted to be an author - i held onto that for a while. My school even had my write a story when i was 8yrs old which they bound and put in the school library. Now ? I have no idea what i want to be, even though i've just earned an optical dispensing qualification. I think i might like to try massage therapy, or be a personal shopper, or a buyer for a fashion chain, but who headspace could use some working on.

And there you are.... there are no tags for other people, no links to other blogs. Like i said, i'm not able to fulfill that part of the challenge so enjoy what you got people!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Amy!

    Are you wearing your sexy red stillettos now?

    Because everytime I see your pic, I swear I can feel your sexiness.

    If you ever make it to Cape Town, you can sleep over (or under) with me, whatever takes your fancy.


  2. Good lord man, you do know how to make a woman blush, dont you you ?

  3. Wow, Amy!

    But do I make you swoon too? ;)


  4. oh goody!! i just love these! nice little list you got here.

    I'm still searching for my ideal pair of red stilleto's, have been for the last 2 years, still haven't found the shoes of my dreams:( I don't drink milk either, but i do love butter! and what do you know, i was also dux in primary school, and high school, but thats off the record!