Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hey roomie!

Well, its official - my sister has finally got her drivers licence and, come this Saturday, i will finally have a roommate. This is both exciting and kind of annoying. On the one hand i really enjoy my space; on the other, its all that space that does my head in when i have bad episodes.

If i admit to it, i'm actually looking forward to her moving in. I mean, she's my sister, i've known her her whole life ( i havent known her all mine, i'm the older one ) but i think its going to encourage us to learn more about each other, and grow closer. We have a good relationship now but being seven years older than she is, we havent always had the time for each other. That is, not the physical time but, for example, being 15 when your sister is 8 you dont exactly want to give her the time of day when there is other stuff you could be doing.

Being 17 years old, and having just got her licence, i think its going to be interesting being one the closest people to her when she starts" growing up ". I dont mean to sound either nostalgic nor naive - she isnt my child so i have no need to be all parental, and she's not exactly new to everything - but i think it will be nice to be in the front row as she starts earning her independence and becoming a fully functioning adult. I hope - and i think she will - that she will come to me for advise on stuff, like which shoes go with her outfit, or the best place to go out on a Saturday night or whether i think her new boyfriend is a douche bag. She said a few weeks ago, during an argument, that i'm apparently too old for her to go out with or hang out with much and, although it hurt quite bit at the time, i know she doesnt mean it. I hope not only will she ask me where to go out but that she will ask me to come with her, or ask if she can come with me and we can do all the fun stuff together. There are still 8 months until she's legal, so as we have it planned, i'll get to take her out for her first big night on the town.

So here's to the little sis moving in on Saturday, to impending and unavoidable arguments, but mostly to new adventures, even for an oldie like me...

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