Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hump Day Wednesday

I have a really good day. Nothing special happened, but it was just one of those days where a succession of little things make you smile and then, before you know it, your smiling all on your own and just enjoying the day. It probably helped that its Hump Day Wednesday and not a Monday, but still.... So what got me smiling ?

* My hair looked really cute today. I usually straighten it and either leave it out or then throw it up into a ponytail, but today i had one peice of hair that just didnt want to go straight. So what did i do ? INsetad of wrestling with it, i just kicked the rest out at the ends aswell, so i had this cute little flippy thing going on.

* I listened to Panic at The Disco's new album " Pretty. Odd " on the way to work. I am loving this album right now. Its just quirky, hippy, slightly pyschodelic, sunshiney pop.... perfect start to the morning.

* A lady with a baby came in to have her eyes tested. The baby was probably only a couple of months old and he had a sweet shock of chicken-y fluff hair right on the crowd of his head. He smiled at me. Too cute!

*Both of my co-workers were in a good mood today, as compared to yesterday. It always makes things more fun if everybody has a good vibe going on.

* I was really productive at work today. I spent a long time staring at numbers and entering data, but we're caught up from having had Monday off work.

*I finished right on time - the clock tower bell chimed 5 o'clock and i was out of there, no having to wait back for straggling patients!

It was just one of those days we're all the good little things mount up until your floating along on a cloud of contentment. And you know how once you started " floating along " you start to seem floating in and out to ? At least i do. What i mean is once i'm having a really good day i start drifting off into daydreams, usually drifting right down Memory Lane, to other good times and events : hanging out on lunch breaks with friends at school; coming up out of Penn Station onto the streets of New York City for the first time; a lazy afternoon spent with a cute guy leading to the best sex ever; seeing John Butler Trio play in New York City and learning that all the Americans knew the words to " Zebra "; hanging out with my gorgeous neice and having her spontaneously say " I love you Aunty Amy " .... you know, all the good stuff. The stuff that sustain a person when they arent having such a great day.

So there you be. Hope you all had, or having a great day too. If not check out this here musical video and let Panic at the Disco make it all better .......


  1. All Americans know the words to 'Zebra' because there ARE no words! lol. La da da da da daaa, da da da daaaa, la da da da daaa, da da da da da da da.

  2. ha ha, very funny!

    I can be a loud man, i can bhe silent,
    I can be a young man, I can be old....