Thursday, November 13, 2008

Free at last, free at last...

No, this is not a post in relation to either Martin Luther King or his recent incarnation, Barack Obama ( my belated congratulations by the way ). No, this is about something far more serious...

It's on like Donkey Kong people! Tomorrow, at 1:30pm, I am finally getting the bastard wisdom teeth taken out. I'm booked in for day surgery to have the two bottom teeth removed and, although i'm a little apprehensive - lets face it I am, after all, having surgery - I'm looking forward to not having pain every three or four weeks. That being said, it has grown strangely comfortable having a constant, dull, ache in my jaw every few weeks or go. Even though its been extremely irritating, I've grown used to it.

But make no mistake - I will get unused to it! I'll endeavour to try and make an entry post-op while i'm still groggy from the anaesthetic, or while i'm high on painkillers. It could make for some interestin reading......


  1. Congrats. You'll feel much better. it only took me a couple days to get over my wisdom teeth removal, so maybe you'll get lucky too.
    Prepare for everyone to make jokes about how you aren't as smart anymore.

  2. Oh and your yoga photo of the day is a naked lady.

  3. The day after and i have an annoying dull ache all along my jaw, but no sharp pain, which is good. The ice pack they gave me helps too.

    P.S Yoga is the body at work in purest form - why not be naked ?

  4. Yowch! Good luck!

    And yes, please post under the influence.

  5. Godspeed my child. You are much braver than I. When I was a kid my older sister had all four taken out and I made the mistake of taking a gander into the post surgery abyss of sewn, inflamed, and bloodied gums. They cannot take mine I say. Good day sir!

  6. @Miss Em - thanks. Although the anaesthetic has worn off and my used to pain killers so the post-op post wont be all that good...

    @Mr Poopie - welcome newbie, thanks for the comment. And i'm telling you, if your teeth were turting as much as mine, you'd get them out, inflamed stitched up gums and all.