Saturday, June 20, 2009

I've Always Liked Suprises

So, now that i have the initial task of revealing my little secret out of the way, i suppose i should expand on the whole story. Shouldnt i ?

Like i said, Mr Gil and i havent been together very long. Only a matter of months in fact. And i am the first to admit that if this were happening to anyone else i would sit back and go " Woah, thats kind of a big step so early, isnt it ? " I wouldnt judge it as being right or wrong, just fast is all. And yep, it is fast. Never in my life, when picturing myself settling down and having babies, did i picture it happening at such an early stage of a relationship. But you know what ? I'm happy. Deliriously happy. Also just a little afraid - everyone is a little afraid when heading into the unknown - but mostly just really excited and happy.

I did a home test to find out. I wont go into specifics about what precautions may or may not have been taken, but after being four or five days "late" i thought it couldnt hurt to take a test, just in case. Right ? When i looked down and saw that there were two little pink lines ( for positive ) and not just one ( for negative ), i'll admit to being momentarily floored. Two lines ? What the ? Really ? I left the test in the bathroom and went to make a sandwich, just in case the result might have changed by the time i came back. But it didnt.... and when i realised what those two lines potentially meant i cracked into probably the biggest grin i've ever grinned.

Also, my heart may have almost beat its way right of my chest. But i composed myself and called my GP to make an appointment to have a blood test to confirm. As luck would have it they could squeeze me in that afternoon. I told the girls at work that i was going to have a flu shot, and nobody was any the wiser. Except Mr Gil of course - i called him after i'd left the doctors surgery to tell him what was going on.

To be honest, i wasnt afraid of a negative reaction from him. I was confident that aside from the initial shock he would be excited... and he was. And still is. Almost everyday he tells me how excited he is, how happy he is, how much he cant wait for " us " to be a family. Its really wonderful to feel so supported by my partner. And by our families also. This will be the third grandchild for my parents, and the fifth for his. Our brothers and sisters are happy for us aswell, especially my brother and his wife - they, as you know, are parents to two beautiful little girls but they will be first time uncle and aunt.

And thats about enough for today. I dont want this to turn into an exclusivley " I'm pregnant!!!!! " blog. I dont want to be making posts on the smallest of details or developements, or writing only about the changes to my body. I hate when blogs that i love get overrun with just one topic all the time - whether it be the new relationship, a baby, a new job, whatever - so i hereby swear that i will do my best to not rave on about babies all the time. Of course, there will be times when something big happens that i want to share, or times when i want to just get thoughts and feelings of my chest.

But promise me that if it comes to a point where everything is babies!babies!babies! ..... you'll point it out ? Even if it means throwing an internet shoe at me ?


  1. Anyone who throws the internet shoe is just jellous that they arent the ones with the kid comming!!! I'll throw a book instead!
    Anywho I guess this means I get to figure out what to ship you for the eventual baby shower!

  2. i can't say that's exactly news I would be ecited about, but IU'm glad you are positive about it.

    I will throw the metaphorical shoe. I think Snuffy completely mssed the point of your comment.

  3. I got chills reading that. So sweet. And I certainly don't mind baby posts. I might even request them if we don't get frequent updates!

  4. Thanks Snuffy and Teej.

    Funnily enough SvD i knew that you wouldnt have the same reaction to me in this situation. But thats just because we're two very different people.

  5. This totally made me cry, Amy. I am so freaking behind on my reader and... WOW! I can't believe it! You're right-- this story is totally nutso, but I 100% believe that you guys know what's right for you. It sounds like you found a good one, and I'm so happy for you. Congratulations!