Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Do My Eyes Deceive Me ?

A young bald man walked past the front window of my work today swathed in maroon clothe... i couldnt figure out if he was a monk or if he was just wearing a Snuggy.

Hey, it was cold, a Snuggy would have been a good idea.

Also, i saw a woman walking around the mall my shop is in wearing a surgerical mask. Swine flu hysteria anyone? I'd sign up for a ticket on the swine flu express if it meant i could produce my own bacon. It doesnt though, does it ?

Lastly, i am so tired of seeing young girls wearing opaque tights... as pants. I know i've ranted about this one before but TIGHTS ARE TIGHTS. THEY ARE NOT PANTS. Pants are pants. Pants require fabric, preferably that isnt see through. And a winter day which is also teeming with rain requires pants. Get the memo young ladies - do not make me call your mothers!

This is all. Also, i'm tired, so i could have hallucinated some, or all, of that. You decide.


  1. perhaps he was PRETENDING to be a monk???

  2. I bet that young man was a


  3. @Dash - perhaps. Which would explain why he looked so STUPID!

  4. Well now, arent you reacting a bit harshly? What if that fellow was going to a costume party? Or mabee he was a vacationing monk come to see the GLORIOUS DUBVEGAS???
    And the tights are awight!!! I think its hot, but then again......