Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury...

...Amy will NOT be needed for jury duty tomorrow. Which is kind of disappointing, because frankly i wanted to take the day off work and sit in on a court case. To see the inner workings of the Australian justice system, without being on the wrong side of the law.

Also, i really wanted to pretend i was part of an episode of " Law and Order ". Cue the famous " DUN DUN " noise....

But seriously, i think i would have found it interesting having to attend jury duty. I've been called up three times now, but i've never actually had to go. I've neve been to court period - i'm so not the criminal type - so it would have been a completely new experience. Of course, i know that it wouldnt have been a murder case or anything as exciting and " glamourous " as you see on tv, but it still would have been something different to the usual daily grind. Besides, even the mundane, everyday complaints can be entertaining - how else do you explain " Christina's Court " ? Plus, i would have got the day off work and been paid for it, which is always great.

I'm not sure how the judicial systems work elsewhere on the planet, but the way things go here in New South Wales i remain on the jury register for the rest of the year. I was called up in March but couldnt go because i was working interstate; i was called up for tomorrow but wasn't needed; who knows, i could be third time lucky sometime later this year ?

P.S Has anybody out there ever actually had to sit on a jury ?


  1. you know, could go on a petty crime spree to see how the other side lives. You could even do it to the tune of "Been caught stealing"! Or even just go beat the crap out of one of the people who have givin you crap all these years!! How exciting, and deffinatly a change from your "GRIND" as you call it!!!

  2. Or.....not.

    Lol... i think i'd rather just keep watching crime shows and maybe play a violent video game every now and then. But thanks for the idea!

  3. I'll let you know whether I've had to sit on a jury or not by the end of June! :)

  4. I would never make it through jury duty because I would keep standing up, interrupting the proceedings by shouting "I WAS THERE, THAT BASTARD DID IT!!!"...hehehehe...