Monday, September 14, 2009

Is It Just Me .....

.... or is Kanye West a total douche bag ? Hell, is Kanye West one of the biggest douche bags of all time? Its not enough that the man wears shutter shades* or that he throws tantrums when he himself misses out on an award, but now he goes and makes a ruckus when someone else loses out. Which is fine - as long as you dont do it onstage after hijacking the microphone, denying the actual winner her moment. Blog about, have a whinge on Twitter - but for God's sake, dont steal the limelight from a mild mannered teenage girl.

I am, of course referring to the ugly incident with the aforementioned Kanye and poor little Taylor Swift.

The douche in action.

Now, i know some of you arent that enamoured with Taylor Swift ( i, however, am a fan ) but even if you arent all that in love with her music, you have to pay her dues. She worked hard, she filmed a video clip, and she was deemed to have won. Taylor should be allowed to have her moment. Like she said, it was her first Moonman - that should be a special moment in any young singer-songwriters life. ( NOTE: I am yet to win a Moonman. DOUBLE NOTE: I am also not a singer-songwriter ). So i can understand how she ( supposedly ) went backstage and cried her poor little eyes out. Some dickhead rushed the stage, stole her microphone, and stole her moment. Biatch!

Thank God Beyonce has some class - despite what her video clip attire would suggest - and gave Taylor some time to shine.

The only question i am now left to ponder - who's the bigger idiot ? Kanye West or Lady Gaga ?


  1. Kanye West by far. Kanye needs to sit down and rethink his goals in life. Lady Gaga I loved her performance eventhough it was beyond wierd. And her outfits. No comment.

    Thanks for stopping by and congrtulations on the baby!

  2. I agree with Hadassaaaaaaaaah...(sorry my key got stuck) There's no contest. Kanye takes that piece of cake, hands down. I used to be a fan, I even looked past his last outburst. This, however, is just unforgiveable. What a douche.

    I never really liked Beyonce much, but after the VMA's, I have a new found respect.

  3. Who does he think he is? God???

    Ha. Even God wouldn't do something like this.

    Hmmm, I'm not sure what that even meant. Er...