Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Big 4-0-0

Hello and welcome to this, the 400th post here at New Adventures In Dreamworld. I'm your host Amy, and here is what on tonights agenda:
* An explanation
* A smile
*And a thankyou.

The explanation - you may have noticed that my regular weekly weigh in is missing tonight. It is partly because today is my special 400th post, but also because i didnt weigh or measure myself today. Shock!Horror! I wont lie - i was really bloody disheartened with last weeks result and then Mick tells me today that he's lost 3kgs...and he's not even trying. It all just seems really unfair - granted i havent been overly strict but i HAVE been trying, purposely eating less and exercising that little bit more. And i'm just not going anywhere. Its not like i'm completely disgusted by my body, and nor am i morbidly obese, i'd just really, really, REALLY like to lose at least those 8kgs i mentioned before. And its just not happening. I may have to investigate Tony Ferguson or some other weight loss aid type of thing. What do you think? Had anybody had any succes with those?
The smile - Gawd i love my baby! Since we've come back from Tresillian its like he's a completely new child. Yea, he's a champion sleeper now but he's also much more smiley and snuggly, and less clingy and sooky. I've completely fallen in love with him all over again - its beautiful to watch him playing and learning and then see him look up and crack this big, huge smile as if to say " Look at me Mum! Look what i can do! ". Its gorgeous. With only 2 months til his 1st birthday, i'm relishing these last days of his " babyhood ". Everyday seems to bring with it a new trick, and a new smile...
The thankyou -  to you reader people! Ok, so only one of you made a suggestion of what you'd like to see more of ( thanks Hayley! ) and no-one suggested a topic for this post, but you guys are here most other times and, most importantly, here when i really need you. It might be selfish to say but without the comments and support from my followers i dont think i'd love blogging as much - i enjoy the writing aspect ( i always have ) but its the sense of community that keeps me coming back. So thanks guys - hope you stick around to help me reach the big 5-0-0!


  1. Happy 400th!! What an accomplishment!!

    Excited to keep reading to 500 and beyond :)

  2. Happy 400! I wanted to make a suggestion, but Grayson was crying and Claire was trying to sit on the laptop, and by the time they went to bed, I had completely forgotten. Now I don't even remember what I was going to suggest!

    I'll be beginning my weight loss after Thanksgiving (November 25th). I'm calling it my last hurrah. I can stuff my face and feel fat, and then it's carrots sticks and work outs.

  3. I am in awe of your commitment! It takes dedication to stick it out for 400 posts :)

  4. Congratulations on your Milestone. Stick with it (the weight loss I mean) you will get there. I have always found Low GI to work wonders coupled with exercise.
    And love to your little Flynn. I can't believe mine will be 1 in just 2 weeks.