Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Operation Slimdown....Its Back! Week 2

" Operation Slimdown " time again!

I have to say, i'm not feeling too bad about the whole excess weight thing this week. Hell, just thsi morning i looked at my tummy in the mirror this morning and it didnt make me cringe. Its still a soft little " mummy tummy " but i can see the abs i used to have underneath the layer of pudge. And even if i couldnt see that definition i worked hard for, Mick says he likes my tummy - its all soft and womanly and whatnot. A compliment from a fella always helps a ladies self-esteem...

Plus, i think my work pants are a little less snug this week - but i'm not going to count my chickens before they hatch. I'm not doing measurements or a weigh in until this coming Saturday ( which will be in next Tuesdays post ) so i cant be sure if anything really is happening or not. What is happening is exercise. I wasnt overly diligent with the whole exercise schtick this past week but i DID exercise. I did my usual Zumba class on Wednesday night ( which i'm still enjoying - yay! ) and went for my usual morning walk with my sister on Friday. Unfortunately we had to skip Thursdays walk because i had to go into work for the morning but that was unavoidable. But never fear!There will be more exercising than that this week - 1 hr of Zumba at class, two morning walks, i'm going to try and fit in a half hr Zumba session at home, and then there's the zoo.

I live in a town which is home to the largest open range zoo in the world ( Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Google it ). Sunday it is having free entry to celebrate the opening of new picnic grounds and play area so Mick and I are taking Flynn out for the day. The best thing about it - other than the free-ness - is that we'll be parking our car and walking around, which is a 5km long walking trail....which equals exercise! But hey, the rest of the zoo thing will be a whole other post so stay tuned...


  1. good for you! losing weight is hard and I hate it but sometimes it's gotta be done. I've been on a "eat well" diet since September and eliminated all the bad crap from my diet in addition to cutting out white rice, pasta and potatoes. It was hard and I was a meanie for about a week but after I passed that rough patch, I felt great and my clothes felt looser.

    As a bonus, I've also been sleeping better! I guess all that junk was doing a number on my sleep as well as my health. Good luck on your diet!

  2. Gotta love incidental exercise that's fun with all the family!

    Glad you're pants weren't feeling less snug ! Yeh team!

  3. Good for you and Congrats for sticking with it!! I can't wait to see some pics when you reach your goal :) I would love to go to Toranga Zoo so I am totally jealous of your weekend I hope you all have a fantastic time.

    Thanks for your comments they mean alot and between you and me I think you are pretty amazing how you have taken the whole working thing in your stride :)

  4. Oh no it rained all day - i hope that you were able to find some inside fun. PS its wierd hearing you explain the zoo!!!