Monday, November 22, 2010

Off My Plate

You know that expression - to have something " off your plate "? As in, " Glad thats off my plate! " Yea, welll, i'm starting to think i might have too much on my plate for the next few weeks and some of it is making me anxious. Dont get me wrong, some of it is going to be way cool heaps fun, but some of it is just bogging me down mentally.

* I've still got to get around to actually organising my sons first birthday party - which means actually decided on a guest list ( to invite his little mothers group friends or not ? ), what time of day is appropriate ( i'm thinking to start around 11am and run through til 12:30pm ) and what i'm going to feed the guests (and where i'm going to find the funds to pay for food ).

* Finish the Christmas shopping - this one isnt too bad because i have one more toy layby to get out ( thank you Target! ) and then i only need to get " Santa " presents for Flynn and buy a little something for Mick. Its more the " where am i going to find the money for it all ? " bit thats doing my head in a little. I'm trying not to worry, and its not like we're sending ourselves broke or anything, it justs that i really want to make our first Christmas as a family special and a little extra disposable cash would come in so handy right now ( i know - join the club right ? )

* The collapse of my "best " friendship - i know i've already written about it, and i know your probably tired of me harping on about it but.... i just cant get past it. I'm still so angry - i've never been the angry girl before ( i've been the sad girl, and the tired girl but not the angry one ) and right now i'm trying just to sit in the anger, to take it in, let it out and to let myself have that moment and be done with it. But the more i try to just " let it be " the angrier i get. I just feel so cheated and lied to and resentful. I've never been resentful before, and i dont like it. Its the resentment thats tearing me up. This is one i REALLY want off my plate, and soon...

And the rest? The rest is the way cool heaps fun stuff - birthday parties, Christmas parties, a day at the zoo, Santa photos with my awesome photographer friend, visits to the park, " Save The Date " cards, cooking and Mario Kart marathons. Stuff to keep me busy. Stuff to keep me smiling, and to keep me sane. I just gotta get some of that other crap off my plate first!


  1. Ahhh..Party planning and Christmas shopping. I feel your pain. For Grayson's party, we didn't do anything special. My hubby's brother in law makes a great pasta salad, so he made us lots of that. I mixed together some ground beef and some sweet and zesty barbecue sauce to make a sloppy joe and threw it in the crock pot to keep it warm and put some rolls out for people to eat it on. Then I just popped some chips bought some pop and some fruit punch for the kids and it was party time. You might be able to find cheap paper plates and cups on clearance after the holiday.

    And, Christmas shopping. I haven't even started yet. I'm such a slacker.

  2. I'm normally really organised when it comes to Christmas. This year I haven't even started.

    Oh, and I don't blame you for still being angry, re: the friend situation. I would be exactly the same.

  3. You are one busy girl!! I totally know hownyour feeling about the friendship..hang in there it will get better and just remember you have done all you can and at the end of the day that's all YOU can do. Good luck with Flynns party I can't believe he is going to be one..where has the time gone ;). I so can relate to the money aspect we are struggling as we also have CJ's & hubby's bday in Jan.. So all the kids in the family are getting home made stuff and extended relatives are getting baked goodies..let's just hope it's appreciated :D

  4. The party will happen so don't stress - although I understand totally how important it is.

    My advice is keep is simple. Most of the people you will invite will most likely be adults (assumption here!!!!) - a BBQ is a cheap way to feed the hoards and you can still have a little bit of party food for the kidlets - and if you get everything plated before the peeps arrive, noone will know you went homebrand!!!

    With my mums group we usually have a cake at our usual mothers group gathering, that saves having to invite them to the party. Everyone understands we are all in the same boat. xxx