Thursday, February 9, 2012

When I Grow Up I Want To Be....

I make no secret of the fact that " That 70's Show " is my favourite sitcom ever in the whole wide world. Despite being set almost a decade before i was born, i relate to almost all the characters and all the crazy little situations they get themselves in just crack me up. My friends have asked me a few times who my favourite character is and thst debatable - i love them all for different reasons, at different times, and my favourite changes from season to season ( hell, even episode to episode ). What does not change however is the fact that Kitty Foreman is the most awesome mum in the history of TV and when i grow up i want to be just like her ( minus the hairdo and the smoking ). Why?

1. She lets her sons friends hang out in their basement. She gives them plenty of space but still manages to bring them plates of cookies/cups of cocoa/cans of "soda" exactly when they need them.

2. She knows all the kids names, and knows enough about them that she can always offer the best of advice. Which often times doesnt quite come out right, but you know its always with the absolute best of intentions.

3. She bakes - A LOT. She also helps others to bake ( like when she tries unsuccessfully to teach Jackie how to make a pie ) and let she lets others use her oven to bake ( even when she is unknowingly letting Hyde make "special brownies " ). She knows that a good hearty meal and the sharing of food is one of the best ways to look after her family. And her families friends. And the neighbours....

4. She may well be the mother of two teenagers ( and surrogate mum to the whole gang ) but the lady is a tramp! Or, rather, she is in touch with her sexuality and is not ashamed to admit. Even when Eric walks in on his parents " doing it ", her words of wisdom to her son are " ....and foreplay is very important ". I love that she is just so in love with her husband, even after so many years together and, strangely Kitty and Red actually remind me of my parents. Aww!

5. She's funny and, dare i say it, she's a bit of a shit stirrer. I love the way she jokes around and the way she knows how to push peoples buttons ( namely her husbands ) in order to get things done. She has a great sense of humour and she uses it to her best advantage.

So thats probably my Top 5 - there is plenty more i love about Kitty and about " That 70's Show " as a whole but that could be a whole other ( long ) conversation!
So - who is your favourite TV or movie mum? Is it because you want to be like them or because you are amused at how terrible they are ? Oh - and how awesome is " That 70's Show " ?


  1. OMG I love Kitty!
    The muffler episode - hilarious.
    I love her and Fez's relationship and her not so secret drinking problem. She is just so awesome :)

  2. I love this show, and Kitty, too!