Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DD Minus 28 - The Countdown is ON!

So, after another quiet fornight around these here bloggy parts, i intend on returning with a vengeance! So, if you couldnt tell from the title of this post, I am now 36 weeks pregnant which means there is 28 days til my due date ( hence the DD Minus 28 ). And, as i attempted to do when pregnant with Flynn, i am going to try and post every one of those days, until i hit my due date or the baby is born, which ever comes first.

To be honest, i hope the baby follows in Flynns footsteps and arrives before its due date. Its not like i'm in intense pain or suffering from complications, or feeling any more aches pains then any other pregnant lady, its just ... well... by this stage in the game i'm a bit over it. I'm tired of the waddling, the stiff joints, the pregnancy itch, the Braxton Hicks, the waking at night to either roll over or pee and the wriggling/stretching movements that make it feel like this Little Miss is about to pop right through my skin. I'm just super keen to meet our little bundle and bring her home to her family!

So with the countdown officially on, and with 28 days left to go, i'm not really sure that i have all that much left to get ready: all 3 bags are packed ( mine, babies, and Flynns in case he has to stay overnight at Grandma and Poppies ); the bunting, wall art and quilt i made for room are completely finished and all i have to do in there is vacuum; the car seat will be going in as of this weekend; and this Sunday just gone my parents came and gave us a hand to spring clean the house top to toe, ready for bubby to come home. I'm sure there is probably something small that i'm yet to do but i cant quite think of it right now.

So - what to post about on DD Minus 27? I might explain where i was for at least part of the last two weeks.....

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  1. Ahhh, so exciting! I can't read the coming posts, and of course the big one...the arrival announcement of Little Miss! Hoping you are able to relax over the next few weeks and enjoy being a Mum-of-One for the last little bit of time.