Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DD Minus 27 - Last Fortnight We Had A Sleepover

I know posting around here has been a bit erratic, but i've tried to post at least once a week. And then, last week - nada. So where was I ? I would love to be able to say that i was off on some exotic babymoon, or too busy doing interesting things but no... sadly, my gorgeous little Flynny had picked up a bout of gastro and we spent the majority of the week hanging around at the hospital.

See, my BIL and SIL visited us on a Friday night with their three children. They live 3 hrs away so we dont see them all that often, but when they are in town or on their way through, they stop in for a cuppa and a play. Their middle boy, who is notoriously sooky, was alternately lying all over my lounge and then getting up to play with all of Flynns toys ( which he didnt pack up when he left! ). After an hour, as they were leaving, BIL thinks to say " Oh, by the way, Middle Child has been vomiting all day "..... well bloody thanks! I know we dont see you often but why would you bring a child you has been throwing up all day into a house with a toddler AND a pregnant lady?! Morons...

Saturday and Sunday passed ok, Monday Flynn seemed a little lethargic then bam! Midnight Monday poor little fella starts throwing up. He tried eating a little and drinking, but he couldnt keep anything down and had very dry nappies so Tuesday afternoon up we went to the local emergency ward. After some hydralite, an anti-nausea tablet, and being monitored for 3 hrs we were allowed to go home, with strict instructions that if he started vomiting again or his nappies were still excessively dry, to come back. Which is exactly what we did Wednesday lunchtime, after another morning of " bomits " and dry nappies.

This time he had a canula inserted and was put on a drip, to be admitted to the Paed ward for the night. My poor little man - it took 4 of us to hold him down so the doctor could insert the canula, and after that he was terrified of sitting on his little bed in the ER, waiting to go down to the ward. He wouldnt sit anywhere except on someones lap - luckily my mum and dad had both come to see him and decided they would stay til he was moved from ER to Paeds. Once we were down there he calmed a bit - the lovely nurses gave him some stickers and offered him some custard, which he managed to eat and keep down - and after a quick trip home to get us some PJs he and i settled in for the night.

I tried to make it sound exciting by telling him it was a " sleep over " at the hospital. Even though there was nothing remotely exciting about it, it seemed to work - he only woke once during the night, when his drip ran out and the machine started beeping. I, however, had the fold out bed from hell and was incredibly uncomfortable, what with the squeaky springs, and pregnancy aches. Its an experience i hope not to repeat ever again! Thankfully in the morning his appetite had started to come back, his nappies were wet and he seemed much more like himself, so were sent home on gate leave at lunch time ( and officially discharged the next day ).

And that, my friends, is what kept me from posting last week. Even on the Friday, when we were home and totally vomit free for 2 days, i was still exhausted from all the stress of having my little man sick, and the lack of sleep. I dont think my brain would have functioned for me well enough to post, even if i had had the motivation! But now, with the official countdown on, my motivation is back. Question remains - what do i post tomorrow?

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  1. Oh man, that sounds horrible, poor little Flynn. And poor Mummy! not what you need at the business end of a pregnancy! Here's hoping you all stay illness free for the next few months at least!