Thursday, May 9, 2013

18/52 - Show Time!

Tully - Raaaaah!

Flynn - piloting a 'bumper boat ' at the show

  • This weekend we took the kids to the annual Dubbo Show, for a few rides, some extremely expensive hot chips and a bit of fun. Tully, of course, is not old enough yet to have any idea whats going on, but at 3 and half years old Flynn is old enough to be entranced by the lights, the sounds and the shouts of the carneys.

    He went on the dodgem cars with Daddy ( or, as Flynn calls them, the ' bumpy cars ' ), took three rides on the giant slide with me and rode the inflatable boats all by himself. He was very pleased with himself, steering around the little inflatable pond with one hand, smile a mile wide, as happy as a pig in mud. Of course, what made him even happier was being able to pick a show bag. Showbags seemed to have changed a bit since i was little ( all i can remember is really cheap toys and lollies that were almost guaranteed to rot your teeth ) but after a bit of discussion and a few changes of mind, Flynn settled on a Thomas the Tank Engine bag which came with a backpack, lunchbox and a rewards chart.

    Which, of course, is actually a score for me - relatively cheap new gear to take to daycare and a sticker chart that i didnt have to spend forever drawing up myself!

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  1. That picture of Tully is so cute! And I am pretty sure my Mum has a picture of me doing the same as Flynn when I was that age. I was going to take Punky to the local show this year but it ended up raining most of the weekend and we had a quite a bit on anyway. Next year my sister wants to take her to the Royal Easter Show and I know she will be the perfect age to really get in to it.