Monday, May 13, 2013

What Is Going On Here?!

You know what I heard today? A school crossing guard in Melbourne was banned from giving the kids he 'guards ' high fives. Too dangerous or some such crap. And last week Flynns daycare 'mum' told me they cant use toilet paper rolls for craft as its unhygienic, and egg cartons can't be used in case kids are allergic to eggs. ( Looks like Flynn will have to do the 'banned' crafts at home ). I mean.... What in the actual crap is this country coming to?

No high fives. Half the stuff we used to do craft with is banned. No blowing out candles on a birthday cake in case of germs. No cartwheels in the playground and no gumboots at playgroup in case the kids trip over. Trust me - my son is 3 years old - he does not need to be wearing gum boots to trip over!

I'm kind of worried what all these ridiculous rules are going to do to do not just to our children, but our society. When will all this government sanctioned ( or, at the very least, rules from a governing authoritarian body ) nonsense going to stop? They are taking all the fun out of....well...everything! At this point I think I may encourage my son to rebel against these so called 'rules' just so he gets the chance to live a little!

Is it just me? Are there ridiculously over-the-top rules and regulations that you just can't wrap your head around?

Playing along with EssentiallyJess for IBOT!


  1. Totally over the top I reckon. I think there are way too many rules and kids will just break them for the sake of it!

  2. Yeah I think it's pretty stupid to ban egg cartons and toilet rolls. I feel really sorry for the crossing guard, he was just being a lovely jolly old fellow, I don't see how it endangers anyone. #teamIBOT

  3. Isn't it just so STUPID!? I got really cranky when I found out my daughters daycare was teaching her to sing 'baa baa multicoloured sheep' because the original is (apparently) "racially insensitive".
    FFS - I grew up with 'baa baa black sheep' and I haven't grown up to be a white supremacist!
    It's just all over the top and s starting to take the fun out of life and the fun out of being a kid!!

  4. Totally over the top!! How ridiculous can things get????
    Reading through the comments and laughing at the idiocy of baa baa multicoloured sheep. I mean seriously?????

  5. It's health and safety gone mad and political correctness gone mad all over the place these days. It actually beggars belief. I'm constantly shaking my head thinking "really? REALLY???"

  6. omg everyone is crazy! Most daycares don't even have real grass anymore. Crimeny let the kids develop their immunity by eating some damn dirt and/or bugs.

    Everyone is way too clean for my liking haha.

    What about that school than banned hugging....SERIOUSLY!??!

    Sorry, it really peeves me off how ridiculous things are, so am in agreement with you.

  7. Totally over the top and ridiculous! I think people are just so crazy. The fact that the world's population is growing quicker than it ever has and there are more people today than ever before, I think we were doing pretty ok playing with our toilet rolls and egg cartons!