Monday, May 13, 2013

Mondays - Who Needs Them?

  • Seriously - nobody actually likes Mondays do they? I've come to find that if i'm going to run across a crazy customer or patient, they come in on a Monday; that my colleagues and I do a lot more whinging on a Monday ( so much so i've taken to calling it Ranty Pants Monday ); and lets not forget the fact that Monday heralds the start of the working and school week. Boo! So did it really suprise me when Mick rang this morning to say he'd had a slight mishap with one of our work vehicles and smashed a window? No, not really - it is Monday after all!

    Ok, no - Mondays arent always that bad, but a smashed window your van isnt exactly the greatest way to start the week. Plus, it was raining, which is always a downer. But i wasnt going to let this particular Monday get one over on me. Oh no, not this little black duck! I turned this particular manic Monday on its head : seeing as my husband was no longer going to work ( after all, you cant be expected to drive a four hour round trip with a busted out window in the rain... ) i decided to invite him on a lunchdate. A CHILD-FREE lunchdate, which we very rarely get to have. And it was lovely - just a basic bistro meal and a stroll in the rain, just the two of us.
    That's my husband - he's a sexy bitch!

    So thankyou, Monday, May the 13th, for getting all your crappy Monday-ness out of the way early on and giving me the opportunity to make the most out of a bad situation !

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  1. Now that is a silver lining! Glad you got to show Monday who's boss!