Thursday, March 6, 2008

Apparently she still doesnt get it

Tiny, pretty, little things
Can hide such ugliness.
They keep it on the inside, underneath,
They keep it bottled up,
They unleash it when least expected and
most inappropriate.
They say , " We are not ugly.
We are tiny, pretty little things.
We have done nothing for which
We should be sorry ".
I say, " Yes, you are tiny, pretty, litte things:
You are a narcissistic flower hiding
Nasty, prickly thorns ".
The beauty of a rose is nullified
by the prick of its thorns.
See, a rose without its petals
is nothing but a weed.


  1. wowee.

    ditto to SvD.

    Said to Rob earlier, i only just received the post card you guys sent me!

    sa postal service, gotta love it.

  2. i'd like to think its not that truthful. surely if something is that nasty it would never have been a rose in the first place?

  3. Aha.... quite a good point you have there young Sonny. I think its more that this particular girl thinks she's all sweet, and nice, and innocent - and yes, i have known moments where she has been really lovely - but she isnt really. When it comes down to it she's self-involved, quite arrogant and cant really move beyond herself to really care for anyone else.