Monday, March 17, 2008

I have far too much time on my hands...

Alright, I know Miss Gates did not officially tag anyone for this post but, simply because i have nothing overly exciting going on in my life right now, i present to you a list of 50 random things ( vaguely ) about me:

1. I'm an eldest child. According to birth order theory i should be: responsible, hard-working and possibly headstrong. Yep, yep and , um, yep.
2.I used to hate my name. There was always more than one Amy, everywhere i went. I wanted something less common like, for example, Esperanza.
3. I dont like spiders. Spiders are gross.
4. So are snakes for that matter. Snakes are gross too.
5. What else am i afraid of? I'm terrifed of dying alone.Sometimes i think it's a possibility.
6.I drive a red Holden Barina. It would be cute but for the scrape markes up the side...
7. My fish are named after The Beatles.
8. Unlike real life, both John Lennon AND Paul McCartney are deceased.
9. The first pet i can remember having was a beagle named Gus. I'd named him after a snail on a childrens televison show.
10. My current mobile ringtone is " Famous Last Words " by My Chemical Romance.
11. When i was a young girl, i alternately wanted to be either an author or a paediatrician.
12. Now ? I would love to be a personal stylist, or a personal shopper. I take clothes and dressing far more seriously than most people i know.
13. That being said, i would make an excellent taxi driver. I know most of the streets in my town, i dont mind staying out late and i dont listen to talkback radio...
14. My favourite actor of all time is Johnny Depp. I wrote him a fan letter when i was 6 years old. I am now 24. He hasnt written back yet.
15. Dearest Johnny is followed closely by Marlon Brando. Forget the overweight, badly accented mafia don from " The Godfather ", there has never been anyone sexier than Marlon in " A Streetcar Named Desire ". EVER.
16.I like children. Not all of them ( some of them are brats ) but children in general make me smile.
17. I am totally enamoured of my 2 year old neice. She's adorable.
18. I play social lawn bowls on a Wednesday afternoon. No shoes, you can take your alcohol on the green, you can laugh at your team mates and, best of all, nobody really cares if you suck.
19. However, i wish i was back playing netball. Unfortunately, i am too fat and unfit right now to be doing that.
20.Bizarrely though, i have been repeatedly asked to play womens rugby union. No thank you, i like my face unsquashed.
21. I have four tattoos and one belly peircing. Leaving the peircing out of it, the tatts all mean something personal to me.
22. I have met zero celebrities, unless you count football players.
23. Nelly Furtado did wave to me once though.
24.Even though my younger sister is tall and thin, i still call her Fat Guts.
25. Thats okay though - my dad likes to call me Duck Arse. Or Stumpy, which my 2 year old neice has picked up on. Thanks Dad.
26. My youngest brother is buried in a cemetery 200m from where i live. Sometimes i get the urge to just go and sit next to his grave, but i dont want to be the weird girl hanging out in the graveyard.
27. The last movie i saw in the cinema was " Sweeney Todd ".
28. Based ont that film, and all his other works, i believe Tim Burton is a true creative genius.
29. I dont particularly like snow.
30. Sometimes, i miss New York City.
31. Sometimes, i miss my American boys. Henry, the youngest will be 7 this year and was 3 when i met him. Awww.....
32. If you checked out a picture of my dad in the 70's as a shaggy headed teenager and compared it to a photo of me, we could pass as twins. Okay, we could pass for brother and sister at least.
33. I am of the opinion that " So You Think You Can Dance ? " is entirely awesome.
34. I collect statues of Buddha. I even have a " Mumma Buddha ". I'm not a Buddhist, they just calm me.
35. I have a plant named Bertram. Yes, he has a name.
36. My favourite movie when i was a child was " Annie ".
37. I'm a published poet - if you count being published in books produced by Readers Digest anyway. I dont have my own tome or anything...
38. My best friend is a police officer. As is her soon to be husband, and also my uncle. I'm surrounded by law enforcement.
39. I still have a Barbie coffee cup that i got in a showbag when i was 4 years old. I still dont drink coffee though.
40. I have extremely good friends online, a choice few that i would count amongst my best friends. I miss people i've never met. Hello soldier...
41. I used to hate my nose. I thought it was gigantically huge. I think my face grew into it.
42.I love green cordial. It was one of my favourites drinks when i was little and even still nothing beats chilled green cordial on a hot summers day.
43. I wish i knew another language. Spanish would be my language of choice. Spanish is muy sexy.
44.I also wish i knew guitar but i think my hands are too small.
45. My favourite icecream flavour is now macadamia from a icecream parlour called Missy Moo's.
46. I am two weeks away from being head bridesmaid at my best friends wedding. Its a big responsibility. Frankly, i'm kind of nervous.
47. At this precise point in time my wisdom teeth are killing me. I wish the bastards would hurry up and grow in so i could have them taken out.
48. I have lost approximately 18 kilograms since i left high school.
49.I am going to see " Billy Elliot : The Musical " in three weeks time. Woo hoo - musicals rock!
50. I have finished this list. Freaking hallelujah!


  1. 51. you love racists like Dick Pussyo?

  2. If you want a personal stylist then check out it's pretty cool, quite accurate and worth the free trial...

  3. noblick - umm, no, not quite. Jerk.

    Anonymous - didnt say i WANTED a personal stylist, i said i wanted to BE one.

  4. I love the fact that both our best friends are cops, as are the husbands, as is the family member.

    Also, anon above was a spammer.

    I don't know who soldier is, but you are my best online buddy *suck up*

  5. Awww.... well god bless your little South African heart! Big lubs to you too...

    And you'll find out who soldier is soon enough, if i choose to let slip ( you cant see me, but i'm mysteriously winking at you right now ;) )

  6. You actively support the racist jerk Richard Catto.

    Your readers will be reminded on regular occasions of the fact that you support this racist who want the blood of my brothers to be spilled.

  7. You may remind my readers if you like.... all three of them. I'm sure they'd love to hear what you have to say....