Monday, March 31, 2008

My best friends wedding. No, its not THAT movie....

So i've just returned from the Blue Mountains where i spent the weekend for my best friends wedding. I am glad to say it could not have turned out any better - she had beautiful weather, she looked beautiful in her dress, the resort for the ceremony and room for the reception were beautiful and i managed not to trip down the aisle. My heart was literally burtsing with happiness for her, because i know she had been extremely stressed about things not going right, about people not getting along, about the fact it could rain, and so many other things. But, thankfully, none of that happened and i believe my best friend really enjoyed her day. And i'm glad for it. I know i spend a lot of time on this blog writing about my own problems, the things i stress about, but my every thought was truely with my friend for wedding - sure, i'll admit to last minute jitters myself ( like tripping down the aisle, or dropping my bouquet - trivial things ) but i was very much focused ( as the head bridesmaid should be ) on making sure my friend remained stress free and relaxed. Well, as much as a woman about to be married can be anyway.

The ceremony was lovely and as tedious as it was hiking around the resort grounds in high heels to have pictures taken, by the end of it the bridal party was completely relxed, which i think is going to make for some really good photos. The reception went off without a hitch too - the speeches ( all bar one, anyway ) were all either moving or funny, the food was fantastic and her uncle made for a relatively good DJ. And it was nice to be able to just sit and chat with people you wouldnt normally get to talk with - for instance, i found out that her new husbands groomsmen are hilariously funny and still completely immature, even if they are in their 30's. I also had a D&M ( a deep and meaningful for the uninitiated ) with the brides father, which was very much appreciated. Even on his daughters wedding day he had unbelievably lovely things to say about me, about how much HE appreciates the friend i am to his daughter and now that she is married he'd like to see me get out, enjoy my life and find someone special. It was a little emotional actually - the only thing that kept me from crying was the fact he was already a little pissy, so the conversation was also quite amusing in the way he presented it.

So, overall, everything went well. I know it must be a fabulous relief for the bride and groom for all of it to be over, but its also nice to have it off my plate and out of my thoughts aswell. I'm looking forward to having non-wedding related dreams for a while...

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